Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Great Visit + Blogs!

I've had a rather mixed-feelings-day today.
I got up fairly early and managed to get some clearing done, and take a shower - AND relax a little - before Lena came around noon. I hadn't seen her since ... around June 5th I guess, and it was great to see her again!
We had some catching up to do, and I am constantly reminded of how wonderful it is to meet people I can relax with, and enjoy just spending time with - without having to worry about a major ongoing anxiety attack!! Also, there might be a slight chance Lena could reconsider the courses to take this semester and maybe take New Testament-Greek ... which is what I'm taking! I'd really love it if she did, as I very much enjoyed her company and having her as a study-buddy last semester in Hebrew - but of course it's her choice! :)

After she left I ended up trying to sort out a few things on the computer ... and naturally it ended up being waaaay bigger than I thought ... [see entries below].
All my blogs seemed to hate me and refused to do anything right - which was very annoying. I managed to get my Swedish blog, ~ Cogito, ergo sum! ~, to work after a few hours, but my Everyday Pictures!-blog seemed lost forever. I decided to start over, with 'Jessica's Daily Pictures! instead, so hopefully that will work out better - even though some of the pictures I will publish there have already been used in the old blog.

Tomorrow morning I'm going for a shopping tour, but I'm hoping to get a few hours to clear away and prepare for Tacos before Sara and Johanna arrive. Apparently, Johanna had late-lectures and would come straight after that, but it doesn't look like they'll be here before 8 p.m. - I'll meet them at the bus stop - so I'm guessing it'd be a good thing to have prepared most of the food! :)

Today's Blog Dedication: Jay Acovone (born 1955) - who played Major Charles Kawalsky in Stargate SG-1. Happy Birthday! :)

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