Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Finished + Adorable Cuteness!

I did the last touch on the cleaning this morning! *woo-hoo* Only the bedroom project left now - yay!!
I met my friend at the train station at about 11.40 today - and of course her adorable 8 month-old son! I haven't seen him since mid-May sometime, so he'd certainly grown a lot!! It was great to see them both again ... though I have a feeling Zorro wasn't quite as pleased ... While he's used to my little sisters, they are a bit more careful, and have - at least during the summer - been a lot older than 8 months. Though after the little adorable guy had grabbed to handfuls of Zorro's fur - twice - Zorro realized what was going on, and made a run for it every time the little one tried to get close! *lol*

I had a great time catching up with my friend, and I accompanied them when they left, as I had errands to attend to. The 'real' one didn't work out of course - but at least I got a little outing, and it wasn't completely wasted either!

I notice, however, that I've gotten away from the fact of "dealing-with-people-other-than-my-Dad's-family" during the summer ... because I've been completely exhausted tonight. I should have done some light clearing up after the visitors, done the dishes and stuff like that - and even though I wasn't home from my outing until 6.45 tonight, I haven't had the energy to do antyhing!! I've sat in my couch watching Stargate and that's it ... *yikes* Guess I'm in for a bit of a change now ... not least with Uni starting up with at least 5 lectures per week AND the essay .... *gasp*
Still, I guess I'm about to get good "training", as Lena is coming tomorrow for lunch, and I will have 'taco-night' with Sara and Johanna on Thursday. But right now, I'm totally ready for bed! :)

My Life At The Moment!
Currently reading: A book on the Dead Sea Scrolls
Currently watching: Stargate SG-1, season 5
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My Plans for tomorrow: A bit of cleaning, lunch with Lena, hopefully starting my Bedroom-project!

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