Saturday, 23 August 2008

An Intense Week!

After having visitors here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I spent better part of yesterday more or less in a coma! I am coping with social situations waaaay better now than ever before - go back a few years (even less) and I could never have survived a week like this - but I'm still getting tired from it!

Absolutely nothing happened yesterday, I pretty much ended up playing silly computer games or watched "Stargate SG-1", that was it!

Most of this morning was the same, I had major difficulties getting started, and everything turned into being very hard! I finally managed to pull myself together and take the bus to get some more cheap clothes (probably the first time in my life I haven't felt like I've been to Hell and back when I've bought clothes!) ... especially jeans. I wear them more or less all the time, and since I'd found a model I really liked, and they were really cheap, I'd figured I get another pair.
I got there - in pouring rain - and found not one, but two pair of jeans and a really nice tunic! I probably haven't bought this much clothes in 5 years together! *lol*

Still, that little outing made my mood a bit better, so after that I managed to clear up the kitchen, which had been a mess since Taco-night, and I've also started studying a little. I had some notes from last semester's Hebrew course that I hadn't finished retyping. I got a few 'missing ones' from Lena the other day, and I really want that finished and completed when I start the next semester. It was a good thing I got started to, I had no idea it was so much!! When I started going through them, it turned out there are about 70 pages of rough notes to retype and work through *yikes!*. That sure will take a while to finish!

Now I'm hoping for a fairly early night tonight, and a constructive day tomorrow! I have lots of projects, I am behind on a lot of internet stuff (forums etc), I shall continue the Hebrew-notes-project, I should add more auctions to Tradera, I should start cleaning the bedroom ... no doubt I will be busy! :)

Take care!

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Aw, thank you so much! :)