Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Getting Back To Normal?

I apologize for the lack of blogging for the last few days. For various reasons I haven't been feeling very well lately, and I've been having a hard time doing anything at all - which has been very frustrated. I know myself well enough to realize that I do have these down-turns every now and again - and sometimes for no aparent reason - but they are still frustrating! During sensitive periods I need very little to get down and somewhat depressed, and now a few things happened at the same time ... and there I was.
The problem is I'm having difficulties working my way out of it now. I know all the right things to think and do, but every time I try them, something happens to make me feel down again. Again, it's nothing big, and mostly silly little details, but they are enough to hinder me from getting back on track.

I have tried to arrange a day or two in complete isolation now - which is a lot better than it sounds like actually! :) I'm getting more and more used to being out around people, and doing things, but when I feel like this, I still prefer isolation. That way I can really work with myself, thinking, talking, writing to myself and try to break the pattern I'm stuck in. If I try to do a lot of things, there's a big chance something will happen that makes me feel low again, and than all the work I've put in has been for nothing!
There's no guarantee this will work either, of course - there are no guarantees in life, period - but at least I think I stand a fighting chance now, and that's something, right?

I really hope I can find my way out of this, as I have tons of things to do, and I'm starting Uni on Monday! I realize I won't have time to do everything I had hoped and planned, because when I'm feeling as low as I have these past few days, I'm very destructive and not at all constructive, but at least I hope I can do something - and I also need to be both practically and emotionally prepared to start next semester!!

I'm still running auctions on Tradera - have sold some and will hopefully make a continuing project of it. Feel free to check it out **here**!

I have also made quite a few digi.scraps of my sisters the last few days. They have all been uploaded to my Picasa Album (if you want to see, email me for the URL), but I can't help but share a few of my favourites here! Enjoy!

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