Friday, 29 August 2008

A Big Sister Moment!

Not much has happened today - but I had to write and share a "Big Sister Moment" with you!
I sent a package to my Dad and his family yesterday, a few letter and small gifts for the girl ... mostly a "thank-you-for-this-summer" thing. Today I got a phonecall, and I figured it was "M" (the older one) as she tends to want to call every now and again!
But it was my younger sister, "I", who called!!! First time ever!!! At first I didn't understand, as she didn't really "speak", mostly made noises in the phone, but it was really her!! She's gotten sooooo big!! :) Aparently everybody had gotten excited about the package and wanted to call me - and "I" had carried the phone around for 20 minutes before my Dad found a moment to call me! *feeling happy*
I can't believe how time flies!!! I mean, I know "I" is growing up too, but she's always been the baby, this is a major break-through for her! I'm trying to remember when "M" called me like that for the first time! I don't really remember ... well, I do remember the first time she really talked to me, as in talking and describing something - that was during the spring of 2007, when "M" was about 2 years and 8 months (give and take some months here and there) - and "I" is 1 year 7½ months now ... But I don't remember the first time"M" just listened in the phone, not saying much herself ...
Anyway, that was a lovely conversation, that's for sure!

The last of my Tradera-auctions this time ended today as well - I did quite well this time - yay! One buyer actually bought 37 (!!!!) of my Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen-auctions - yikes!! I have no idea how to managed shipping them, but I do have the weekend to try to figure it out! And all the money I can get are very welcome indeed! :)
I hope I can get more auctins up during the weekend - or at least later on! I really need to get rid of a lot of stuff, and like I said, any money coming in are more than welcome! :)

Hope you all will have a lovely weekend!

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