Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sister Update!

This entry will focus on my two little sisters, 'M' - who is 4 years old, and 'I', who is 1½ years old! :)

'M' turned 4 in mid-July and she's a real darling! (this picture is from her 4th birthday) She's very intense, but she and I have a very close relationship despite the fact that we live so far apart. I spent a lot of time with her when she was newborn, and I think that has created a real bond between us.
Sometimes, she's a bit too intense though, and I can't quite keep up with her! :) She can't sit still for more than 5 seconds at a time, then it's "What are we gonna do now?" that is the usual question! :) I think she's pretty developed for four years old, she speaks completely clearly, she counts to at least 30 or 40 without thinking, she knows the alphabet and can write her own name and her sister's name ... and if somebody helps her, she can write pretty much anything - she just needs help with what letters to put in! :)

'I' turned 1½ on 'M's fourth birthday, and that is a lovely age! She's talking quite a lot, though it takes a while to learn "her language"!! :) She calls me "Jecka" (with a very special intonation that is just adorable!!) and Zorro is something like "Jujjooo" (very hard to "translate"!!)! *lol*
I didn't see her much when she was little, and she's far more restricted than 'M' ever was, but I've gotten quite close to 'I' during the summer as well, something I'm very happy about! :) She's in a quite independent state now, when she wants to do everything herself (even things she can't handle), and toward the end of the summer, I was the only one allowed to help her put on her socks or shoes! ;)

I love both my sisters dearly, but at times I find it difficult when we're all living together. It's a matter of always putting the children first, and they are both quite demanding in their own way. 'I' is demanding in that you have to watch her eating and sleeping habits pretty closely or else her mood turns quite ugly - and 'M' is demanding attention and that you play with her constantly ... and I'm not used to that! I have made an effort at trying to really appreciate the time I've gotten with the children, since I don't see them very often, and most of the times I think I've succeeded. But there has also been times, when I've had a hard time dealing with them both, and when I've longed for peace and quiet. Hopefully that doesn't make me a lousy big sister ...

It's interesting to see how you look at them though! 'M' has gotten soooo big since 'I' was born, and at times, I'm worried everyone expects too much of her - both me and her Mum and Dad. After all, she's only 4 years old, she's a kid, and at times kids behave badly, or aren't very sensible ... but that's a kid's right ....
And on the other hand, 'I' is constantly the "baby" ... well, almost, anyway! I know we treated 'M' quite differently when she was 1½, we expected far more of 'M', and treated her as she knew and understood things, and now we're surprised that 'I' in fact does understand what we mean ... very strange how impressions like that changes!!

I have a strong feeling you will see lots more pictures of the girls in future entries, as I have loads of photos from this summer! :)


The Darkest Night said...

your sisters just get more and more adorable, don't they? :) totally LOVE the birthday pic of M! what a darling!

now some scraps, maybe? :) :)

Jessica said...

Oh, they sure do!! *LOL* Yeah, that 'M'-pic is my favourite too! :)

I have actually started scrapping, but haven't uploaded them to Picasa yet ... I have to do a few more before uploading, and I'm thinking of sending out some mass-invites to at least a few of my Picasa albums, as I got the feeling I only sent out an invite to you last time! *lol*

Hope to catch you online sooooon!