Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Major Blog Trouble!

Hey folks!

Sorry to say, I'm currently experiencing some major blog trouble!
The pictures on the Everyday Pictures!-blog seems to be either vanishing or acting very strange, and my Swedish 'Cogito, ergo sum' blog is also acting up, since you can't use RSS feed on it ... *sigh*

I have really tried to limit my blogs now, so that I know I can keep the ones I have active and updated, so I DO want to fix this ...
I am in the process of moving my Pictures Blog now ... and it seems I'm gonna have to "move" (I guess really 'start over') my Cogito-blog as well. There I will just copy the entries over the next few days, as I want to keep my entires (lucky I kept a back-up, right!!), but the Pictures-blog will be "starting over", so some pics will be used again ...

I'm sorry for the inconvenice of this, and I thank you for your patience!
I will be back, when I get the new blog-URL:s up and running!

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