Monday, 18 August 2008

Cleaning Update!

Just a small cleaning update ... check out that last photo - I never knew my living room was that big! :) But now, after having scrubbed it - I do know ... I'm currently waiting for the floor to dry, so I can put everything back. Then all I have left in the living room is some minor wiping off - and as I said, putting everything back (including the furniture!)!
Which means, I SHOULD be able to finish going over the bathroom, and the hall, and carry about 5 loads to the basement, and take out like 10 garbage-bags of varying size ... right?!? ;)
Guess I shouldn't think I get much sleep tonight! *lol*
Still, I would SO much like to finish it all (well, bedroom excepted, but I already knew that) before I go to sleep tonight. That way I can sleep in tomorrow and only worry about preparing a sallad for when my friend arrive, and take a nice shower ...
*fingers crossed*

Okay, I'm guessing the floor must have tried now, as transferring photos from my old camera (which I'm using now, for some reason) takes forever.

I'll try to make another update tonight, or tomorrow morning, depending on how tired I get! :)

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