Tuesday, 12 August 2008

This And That - And A New Project!

Today has been a 'this-and-that' day ... This morning I went to get a hair-cut, which was more than neccessary after the summer. Nothing drastic - that's definately not me - just even it out ... but it was nice to get it done.

Otherwise I haven't done much ... added a few more auctions on Tradera - **click here** - I'm hoping to get my act together and clear out a lot, and hopefully some of it will sell! *fingers crossed*

I've also decided on a new project, which I'm hoping to get started on tomorrow. This appartment needs a true cleaning - and I'm talking massive! I'm not a fan of cleaning, that's for sure, but I can usually keep it decent around me ... but now I'm realizing I need to do it very thourough ... think 'cleaning-before-you-move-out' - well, almost anyway!
I can't say that I'm looking forward to it, but I think it's definately time for it now. I don't have much planned for the rest of the week - except an outing on Thursday - but next week things might start happening, so I should really get at least most of it done this week!
Also, I'm hoping that a massive cleaning will mean that I really go through all my stuff, and that way I can find even more stuff to sell on Tradera! That's almost like killing two birds with one stone, right?! ;) --[That is really a horrible expression, come to think of it ... why would you want to kill innocent birds???!]
Anyway ... send your thoughts my way tomorrow, when I'll be buried in spunges and dustrags! *lol*

Finishing off with a few new digi.scraps - more are added in my Picasa Album!

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My Plans for tomorrow: Massive cleaning, Tradera auctions, collecting DVDs from the Post Office


storschan said...

Jag avundas dig inte! jag är så lyckligt lottad att jag har en karl som gillar att städa. Annars hade jag nog snabbt drunknat i röran. Idag var sista dan på praktiken. jag saknar det redan!

Jessica said...

Nä usch vad det INTE var roligt ... ahhh, har du lust att låna ut honom?!? *hehe*

Aw, alltid jobbigt med "sista dagen" ... hoppas ni kan hålla kontakten ändå!!!

The Darkest Night said...

Totally love the scraps!!!

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks! :)