Thursday, 18 September 2008

Blaaah ....

That pretty much describes my day today!
I've been suffering from these horrible stomach cramps all day, no matter what I have done. Doesn't seem fair you should be completely wiped out and feeling dead for something that is supposed to be "natural" *rolling eyes* ...

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to study much at all, and when I've tried, I haven't been able to make heads or tails about anything. Things are getting so complicated now, that you really need to be concentrated and focused to sort it all out - and since I've either been delirious with pain or delirious with pain medication, that hasn't worked out!

I still need to go to Uni tomorrow!! We will go through the next chapter during the Greek lecture, I need to get some shopping and errands done and I need to start checking out the litterature for my essay ... so I cannot skip going!
I know I have to tell the teacher I am unprepared and asked to be excused from the reading-thingy, but it feels sooooo terrible, since I did that last time! *ooops* I honestly totally know I cannot try to be excused every single time, becuase I need to work with this - and I want to! I want to be able to read and translate just like everybody else does - but I cannot not do it on top of my head - I'm not that smart! I will definately work at coping better with the whole concept, but there's no way I'm gonna stutter through something I haven't even prepared (some of the other students do that ...)! So I guess I'll have to hope that everybody somehow understand that I've been completely incapable of studying anything today - and cross my fingers and hope for the best ... *gulp* (not to fond of that approach to things, but I guess I have no choice now)

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