Sunday, 7 September 2008

Next Week Coming Up Fast!

What is it about Sundays?! Time flies by quicker than any other day on Sundays - very weird indeed!
I'm trying to study like a maniac and at the same time preparing myself mentally for next week ... so my head is kind of messy right now.
Studies are "okay" so far - I think. When I read through the chapter from the lecture on Friday, I hardly understood any of it - *ooops!!* - but once I got started on the sentences, I think I figured them out. I've done half of them, and at least I have a translation and an analysis - that's gotta count for something, right?! :) The problem is, I don't think I understand why the sentences turn out the way they do, and I think I'm supposed to do that ...

Now I'm mostly going to focus on completing the sentences and practice my reading, because I think those two things failing are the things that might make me stay home tomorrow - and I simply cannot do that! So, that's where my priorities lie, at least for the moment.

I also have another motivation for actually getting to Uni tomorrow. I'm meeting Lena and we're having breakfast together! :) Starting tomorrow, our Student Union arranges Monday-Breakfasts, for a symbolic sum, where you can eat and spend time with friends ... I really wanted to go, but didn't think I could cope on my own - that would have taken too much energy and I need to spend all of it on getting my studies to work properly now - so I was thrilled to hear Lena wanted to join me!

I really really really hope I can make a go of next week, because I think that will affect most of what lies ahead for me. First week is generally confusing, how does the course work, what kind of teacher is it, how demanding is it, which study techniques are best to use, getting used to early mornings etc. etc. etc. - but now I need to simply make that work, find my routines and make it work! I think I really need that, in order to make this semester into something good - and I really want to make it work in an acceptable manner.
Also, I have to write an essay this semester, and the introductory meeting is on Tuesday. I'm totally nervous about that, because I've never written an essay, so I don't know what's involved, and I have absolutely no idea what I want to write about *not good*. I have tried emailing the professor twice, but haven't heard from him either! *sigh* Add this to the mix, and I really have to make the New Testament-course work on routine. Period.

Okay, now I'd better get back to those sentences, so I can complete them before it's too late.
Take care, and I wish you all a good week!

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