Friday, 26 September 2008

Oh, What A Long Day!

Wow, it feels like this day has gone on forever!
I woke up with a headache - again!! It's lasted for a whole week now, and it's really starting to get on my nerves!!! Anyway, I knew we had a pretty important lecture today, with both the Friday-Test and a run-through of some major grammar, so staying in bed wasn't really an option. Though I tried every means possible to get rid of the headache, I didn't succeed, and by the time I got to Uni, it had started getting worse.
Apart from the headache, lectures worked out really well. We didn't have to take the Friday-test, our teacher is writing a book, and has passed his due-date, so he's quite busy doing that, instead of coming up with tests for us! I guess it was good in a way, but I still like to take these tests, as they give you a very good picture of what you actually know and what you have to work harder with ...
We went through some new grammar and overall, I think it worked out really well. I could participate in discussions, both during the break and after the lecture, and both included our teacher, which I think is a good thing for me. Since I really want to continue within this Department, I think that establishing myself there, both with the student but also with the teachers, is a good thing.

I was supposed have stayed in the library working on my essay, but my headache was really nasty after two hours of Greek grammar, so I went home. I had intended to go shopping, I have put it off for a while now as it's a bit out of my way, but the trains were late, so I missed my connecting bus.
Instead I went home and tried to get some sleep. I slept for almost three hours (!!), and the head felt a little bit better when I woke up - but I was still extremely tired, so I didn't get much done at all! *hate it when that happens* The headache came back during the afternoon, and even though I've tried studying, I don't think I've learned anything! *frustrating and annoying*

I'm starting to get very upset about this headache now, because I can't seem to function properly with it, and yet I hate having to postpone everything in my life because of it, because it's a hard fact of life that eventually I will have postponed so much, I won't be able to catch up ... and that bothers me a lot!
So much in my life is going really really well now - and for that I am utterly greatful - but the headache thing is getting quite uncomfortable now ... Guess all I can do is go to bed and hope for the best, right?! :)

Take care!

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