Wednesday, 17 September 2008

"Terrible Tuesday!"

Yesterday truly was 'terrible Tuesday', and since I wasn't home until about 7.15, feeling really dead I wasn't in any shape to blog. So here's an entry for yesterday - from now on know officially as "Terrible Tuesday"! :)

8.15-10 - Greek Lecture
We were supposed to go through sentences, some from the book we're reading, which we were supposed to prepare, and some "unprepared" sentences. I felt terrible, Monday wasn't a great day for me, and I had slept about 2 hours during the night, so I was definitely going to ask if I could be excused from doing any kind of "reading" whatsoever (even though I actually had prepared the sentences in the book)!!
The lecture actually worked out really well - the teacher asked me to read once, but I told him I'd rather pass this time, and that was okay! I know I definitely cannot make a habit of it, but at least it feels good knowing it won't be a big deal if you once in a while feel you are unprepared. The lectures didn't give that much, since no new stuff was introduced, but it still felt good being there. And it also felt good being able to say that I wasn't prepared this one time!

After lectures I was supposed to check out some stuff at the library, but first I wanted to talk to our teacher, because there had been talks about me having a meeting with him after lectures today, regarding a chapter I missed, at the end of last week, but that took some time. Eventually I got to talk to him, and it was okay to meet after lectures today. I went down to the library, but met Johanna on the way there, we started talking, and I hope we can arrange a dinner (me, Johanna & Per and Sara & Martin) sometimes - but it's not that esay finding a date and time that works for everyone! :) Finally I got to the library, but I didn't get much done - and I was really nervous about the 'personal essay meeting'.

10.30 - Personal Meeting With Professor About Essay
At 10.30 I went up to meet the professor (and for those intrested, I have anxiety problems, and I've always had problems dealing with authority figures, and my professor has been head of the Department of Theology and is now Head of the Faculty *gulp*) ... I was really really nervous throughout the meeting, but he is really supernice and very easy to talk to. We talked about what I could do, I want to write about something that has to do with Ecclesiates, so we went on from there, at I got some information as to what's next in the essay-proccess. We talked for about half an hour, and I really felt afterwards that I knew what to do next - which was very nice indeed! :)

I went back to the library and studied Greek - had lunch inbetween - but studied until about 1.30, when we had an essay seminar.

1.30 - 3 - Essay Group Seminar
We aren't that many in the group, yesterday we were five students, and aparently there are a few more, but they live up country, and have a hard time coming to seminars. The seminar was really great, we got a lot of info on the task of how do you write an essay, which for me - who has never written one before - was a great asset! We got tips and hints and advice and the last part of the seminar was spent in the library, where the professors showed us literature that was good to work with.

I spent some time with fellow Greek-students in the library after that, but I even though I only had to wait an hour, it felt like forever!!

4.15-6 Information-Course on Essay-Writing
Then I had an optional course in essay writing, it has been given for about four or five semesters now, but it runs the risk of being cancelled, and since it's the first essay I will be writing, I felt it worth going to. The teacher was really great, he had just recently defended his thesis and he was very esasy going and nice to be around ... but we were only three (!) students!!! It felt a bit strange, but still very good, because he could adapt the workings of essay writing to our specific subjects and interests in a way he wouldn't have done, had we been more students. I got a lot out of those hours, lots of ideas and ways of how to get about it. This course will last for about 6-8 weeks (one "lecture" a week) and I think it will be well-spent time going to them, that's for sure!!

I wasn't home until about 7.15, and even though the day had worked out for the most part very well, I still felt more dead than alive .... but at least I had dealt with my "Terrible Tuesday" and survived it!! :)
Guess that's gotta count for something! :)

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