Sunday, 14 September 2008

Next Week Approaching Fast!

I have mixed feelings about today - because without a doubt I feel I could have/should have done more than I have, but on the other hand, I feel like I have done stuff today ... *confusing*

I went to Malmö this morning, to meet with Kajsa and her boyfriend Petter - and it was great seeing them both. It was ages since I saw Kajsa last, and I had actually never even met Petter. It was nice catching up again, but unfortunately I felt pretty stressed out, so I only stayed for about an hour. It felt a bit stupid, but I couldn't help it, things are really intense now - and I also have to consider that it takes me a while to travel. We talked about them coming up here for a visit too, I hope I can invite them for lunch or something some weekend ahead.

When I got home I went online, caught up in a few forums - I am quickly realizing that spending time on Forums and Message Boards (there are mostly two where I'm active) will be restricted to weekends from now on, but I at least want to make an effort and log on once every week. I also finished the sentences we have to prepare for tomorrow - but this time they were very strange and there are quite a few I couldn't quite make sense of. *sigh* I haven't practiced my reading yet, but we have a "late" lecture tomorrow and start at 10, so I'm hoping to get some work done during the morning before I have to leave.
I also think I have learned pretty much all the words to the first five chapters, I'm guessing somewhere around 250 maybe? Not all bad, right?! :)

I also started a new secret project. Sorry about sounding so vague, but it really is secret. I will have to work on it quite a bit in the upcoming weeks though, so I'm afraid you're gonna have to put up with vague references like this! *lol* I promise to let you know what it is as soon as I can - but it might be a while! ;) It involves quite a lot, and it does have a deadline (on top of everything else I'm doing now!), but at least it feels good to have actually started it.

And now I'm worrying about next week. I'm hoping to wind down with my diary in front of a movie (when I'm done here), and try to find some nice positive thoughts, because this week is going to be pretty crazy. I'm mostly worried about Tuesday - which in my day is hence called "Terrible Tuesday" - but most of the other days will be tough as well. I hope I can narrow things down and try to deal with one thing at a time - I think that's the only way I can deal!

Well, even though I don't have to get up at 4 a.m. tomorrow (more like 5.30), I still want to get to bed in a decent time, so I'd better sign off now.
Take care, I wish you all a good week ahead!

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