Saturday, 6 September 2008

Catching Up!

Sorry about the lack of blogging these last few days ... things have been intense, and not exactly gone my way, for various reasons.
Thursday was a generally tough day - I think I completely overdid it on Wednesday, and obviously that pays off later on. I didn't cope with that day well at all, but I did my very best to do a comeback and be able to work it out on Friday. And as fate has it - Friday didn't work out either ... I didn't even make it to Uni! *deep sigh*
I have VERY mixed feelings about the end of this week, and I'm just generally feeling very confused. I'm very upset that I missed lectures, because I know that is sooooo dangerous (and truly, I AM speaking from experience - missing Hebrew lectures turned out to be devastating during the spring of 2007!!) - but on the other hand, logic tells me you have to be able to miss one single lecture without the world ending!
For crying out loud (yup, definately O'Neill influenced *LOL*), we have almost 70 lectures this semester, you have got to be able to miss one of them without failing everything ...
So I'm not really sure how I feel about this ... *confusion*

Mood-wise, I have felt pretty okay today though, which is nice. I have cleaned most of my apartment (pretty much only the bathroom left now) and I've done some studying, and some catching up online ... tomorrow will be deeply study centered, especially since I now have a missing lecture to catch up on, on top of everything else.

I really do hope I will be able to do a proper "come-back" on Monday, and that the end of this week was a temporary set-back, which I will deal with. At least I know I'll work like crazy to make it so, and I guess all I can do is hope that my work will pay off! :)

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My Plans for tomorrow: STUDIES, and some cleaning!

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