Friday, 12 September 2008

Friday At Last!

Oh wow how good it feels to know it's Friday! Even though I have skipped two Uni days this week, it has felt like this week has lasted forever.
I went to lectures this morning - which was quite overwhelming, with both very positive and quite negative aspects! I had been told we were supposed to have these minor "exams" or tests every Friday, and since I missed two lectures I felt quite nervous about that. I studied like an idiot last night, and this morning (between 5 and 6.15 a.m. - I sooooo love the hours I keep these days *sigh*).
Once I got to Uni I ended up talking to a few other students I haven't talked so much with before, and that was nice. I really feel soooooo much more at ease in the University situations now than ever before, and I think I'm really developing a security within myself - I don't think I ever could have hoped to do that!!

We started at about 8.20 - and the first thing on the agenda was that the printer had apparently malfunctioned ... so we wouldn't get our tests!! Okaaaayy .... not that I'm complaining that it's officially okay to miss a test, but I studied a lot, and I would have liked to see how much I had actually understood. No such luck though ...
The first half of the lecture was spent going through the next chapter. I still feel I'm following the lectures in a very good way - but I also feel I'm a little uncertain as to how I really should study. Since this course is so HUGE - and I have to write an essay as well, in another subject - I have to ration what I do, I simply cannot learn everything by heart, because there isn't enough time ... the hard part is deciding on what to learn by heart and what you can managed to do anyway ...

The second half of the lecture was almost like torture to me!! The big exam we'll be having (on October 31st) will include the task of translating a text which we have never seen before, a text we haven't gone through during lectures, so the teacher thought it'd be a good idea to start practicing on that. He gave us some beginner's text used in courses in Classic Greek - and just started giving us sentences, completely unprepared!! Terror!!
Unfortunately I still get a lot of anxiety when it comes to reading and translating - and the fact that it was unprepared made it even worse of course - so I did spend most of my time and energy to figuring out which would be my sentence, how would I pronounce the words and was there anything I could say about them ...
I did get to read, and I try telling myself that it was a good thing, because it will even more de-dramatize my place in the group, it will make me feel more like one "in the group" and all that - and I guess it's true ... but I'm still having difficulties dealing with this. I think I'm gonna have to start working this through during the weekend, because I don't think I can go on like this for an entire semester.

After lectures I spent some time talking to a few fellow students which was nice - but since I got home, I have only relaxed!! I had told myself I could take this day off, and start again tomorrow, and it's been absolute heaven.
I have watched Stargate: The Ark of Truth - better late than never, right?! *lol* and am currently making caps from it, so hopefully some nice graphics will be coming. I've also watched a couple of episodes of Stargate: Atlantis (season 1) - niiiice!! (to quote O'Neill - who isn't even in either AOT or Atlantis, but you get the picture *lol*) I'm hoping to make separate entries on the movie and Atlantis later on (the movie, hopefully tomorrow!).

I'll try not to make tonight waaay too late, as I have to get up and start studying tomorrow, so I should think about signing off now.

Take care, I hope you all are enjoying your Friday and will have a lovely evening!

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The Darkest Night said...

i hope you have a really nice weekend!!

The Ark of Truth - is that the movie??

storschan said...

Så himla bra att du känner dig hemma med folket, men så synd att läraren kastar på er oförberedda saker så där. Jag tror du borde prata med honom om vad du gått igenom, så att han förstår din situation. MEN samtidigt helt suveränt att du klarade lektionen så himla bra. Jag är glad för din skull.
Ses vi nåt på måndag?

Jessica said...

the darkest night: Thanks! :) You too, I hope you're feeling better now!
Yeah, Ark of Truth is the first movie, it takes place right after the series ended. A second movie, Continuum has also been released and a third movie will start shooting in January! :)

storschan: Ja, det var lite läskigt ... jag är dubbel vad gäller det där med att prata med honom, det finns en poäng med att göra det, samtidigt som jag så himla gärna vill klara kurser som alla andra gör, utan en massa speciallösningar ... vi får se ...
Måndag - absolut? Kanske läge för en teolog-frukost den här måndagen? (ska försöka att inte balla ur den här gången oxå *ler lite*)

storschan said...

Den här gången måste tyvärr jag balla ur frukosten.... Ska till najaden på förmiddan på måndag. Men efter lektionen kanske vi kan ses?

Jessica said...

absolut, jag måste dock vara i biblioteket för jag måste fixa en massa till min uppsats, har både enskild handledning och gruppseminarium på tisdag ... hoppas det är ok.