Friday, 19 September 2008

A Cold, A Test, A Project!

This has been a strange day indeed ...

I woke up this morning, feeling not so much of previous stomach cramps, but rather a cold with all it's classic symtoms - sore throat, runny nose, slight fever, a head that felt like it weighed in at 200 kilos!! Great!!
I had no choice but to go to lectures today, so I stuffed myself with various pills and managed to get in Uni in time for the lecture. And boy was I in for a surprise!!

I had totally forgotten about our weekly "test" that we are supposed to have every Friday! *gulp* I know it's nothing official, and we get to correct it ourselves, but it still felt pretty terrible, especially since I hadn't studied anything at all!!!
But apparently, this semester seems to be working out despite all, because when we went through the test in class, I hadn't made a single mistake! *wooo-hooo* Okay, there was one verb-form I didn't completely recognize, but from the context of the text, I figured out what it "had" to be - and I was right! The test was compiled in three parts, first a text to be translated (and we can't use dictionaries, so I was glad I had studied that!), second a few words to be analyzed, and thirdly, some grammatical questions! I know I still have to go over a few things I've missed, or not learned properly, but it still felt really good that I am keeping up the way I am! *yay* :)

I did have some problems during the lecture though, becuase I felt really terrible from my cold. When we were done, I went to the library, to look up some literature for my essay. The one book my professor said I had to read first of all, doesn't exist at our department library, or at the big university library! Thanks a lot!! I didn't have the energy to start bothering the staff about it, I have to deal with it next week. I also found out that all the other books are books you can not borrow, but have to read there ... so now my whole planning system has gone down the drain! If I have to do ALL my studying at the library, I'm not sure how I'm gonna make this work! I had counted on weekends as well ... *sigh*

I managed to get some errands out of the way before going home. I ate a little, and collapsed on my coach! Unfortunately I couldn't fall asleep, but I sort of dosed for a few hours, and felt a little better after that.
I have started clearing away a little, and I also continued my secret project! I've spent quite a lot of time on it tonight - only to find out that ALL I have done is in vain, because I can't use it!!!!!!!! *VERY angry now!!!!* Okay, I know I shouldn't start things when I'm this busy with studies, but if you knew what it was (but I can't tell you, sorry), you'd know it was something really worth doing! And now I've gone and spent hours and hours on something I can't use!!! It's not like I have all the time in the world right now!
That pretty much spoiled my mood tonight, so now I'm mostly upset at everything - I feel my cold even worse now, I'm starting to get a headache and everything feels pretty awful! *feeling sorry for myself now*

This day - despite all - has felt pretty good, until this final straw ... so now I'm in a really bad mood. I'm sorry to have to end this entry like this ... but that's the way things are now ...

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