Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Strange Day ... And A Tech Question!

Well, let's start with the boring part - the "tech question" ...
While I know my way around a TV/video/dvd and a computer, I don't know much about "techonology" in general ... and I have sort of a problem.
I have a few old casette tapes, you know, the old kind that you were using when the people my age were about 10 years old (*lol*), and they are starting to get worn out. I'd really LOVE to be able to preserve them, they have some sentimental value to me ... so I would LOVE to get them on a CD. Which kind of ties me into my next tech-question! *lol* Part one is, of course, how do you get a casette into a CD?! *lol*
I kind of had a home-made answer to that, in that I though I could use a microphone plugged into my computer, and more or less record the sound from the casette player onto my computer, and then burn it onto a CD ... well, newsflash, that didn't work. Because aparently I am incapable of plugging in a microphone to my computer!!! Which feels a bit strange ... I have tried plugging a "regular" microphone into pretty much everything that will work, no luck! Anybody have any suggestions?!?!? I feel like an idiot, but I would like to make this work!
So, to summarize - this tech question is parted in two:
Part One: how do you, in the simplest way, get a casette tape onto a CD?
Part Two: how do you make a microphone work on your computer?

Okay, moving on ...
This day has sooo not turned out the way I planned it! I had hoped to get a milion things done, getting up early, running errands and study like a maniac ... yeah right!! *eyes rolling!*
Zorro woke up at 3.15 and made sure I wasn't getting any sleep either! He kept cuddling, running, clawing, cuddling, running, screaming, cuddling, clawing, screaming and cuddling non-stop, which made it impossible for me to relax ... he finally calmed down at about 5.45, and I fell asleep - and didn't wake up until 9 o'clock!!!!!! *gasp* Sooooo not according to plan!!!
I didn't get my errands done - except shopping - and I didn't get much studying done at all!! *deep sigh*

I did take an evening walk yesterday, but I didn't get the pictures transferred until tonight! But here they are! :) Enjoy!

Still ...
I had intended to get a bit of "free time" tomorrow, seeing as how it's Friday ... but since I didn't get much done at all today, I guess today will constitute my "day off" - and I will spend tomorrow studying! :)
I have done a little bit of studying - and I have FINALLY gotten started on my super-secret project, so at least this day doesn't feel completely wasted! Always something, right?!
But since I have to get up at 4 a.m., I really should start thinking about getting some sleep now.

Also - I have sooooo much to do and feeling generally stressed out, but I've still decided to start a new blog! *sigh* I'm hopeless!!! It's in Swedish, and I'd love to get some readers *lol*, so check it out here:!!

Take care!

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storschan said...

jag har det absolut bästa svaret på din teknikfråga. Min panda! Ja alltså min sambo, han kan säkert hjälpa dig även med dessa saker. Ni skulle väl kolla lite på hur man för över VHS med eller hur?
Jag ska höra med honom om han vet och kan hjälpa till. han är min guru när det gäller sånt här.
Vi ses på söndag!

The Darkest Night said...

Well, I know you can connect a tape-recorder/stereo to your computer, and then make a recording of it there...but I don't know HOW to do that since I've never tried...guess you need some cables etc..

as for the microphone question, I have done that once (with a special Cats segment that was on the radio that I wanted to get into the computer)...well, all I can say is the sound qualiy get VERY bad, but it is possible to do...I did it on my old computer, and just plugged the microphone to the cd-rom (the headphones "hole")..that worked...

love the photos! beauitful!
will check out your new blog!

Jessica said...

storchan: Tack för tipset! :) Måste se till att träffa honom nån gång bara! *skratt* Jag kan behöva en sån där "tech-person" i mitt liv känner jag ... jag blir rättså ställd när saker händer som jag inte riktigt får rätt på .... :)

the darkest night:
Thanks for your reply ... I will be researching the topic! :) As for the microphone, I have seriously plugged it into every single "hole" I can find in my computer - which practically meant taking the whole thing apart, well almost! - and NOTHING worked ... don't know if I'm the one doing it backwards, or if my computer and/or mic simply refuses to co-operate...

Glad you enjoyed the photos!