Monday, 21 January 2008

1978 - 2008

Wow ... 30 years old! Quite amazing, huh?! In some ways I don't feel even close to being 30 years old, and in other ways I feel I passed 30 a loooong way back! Very confusing! :)

This day has in many ways been very confusing too! I did take it quite easy this morning, considering the fact that I didn't fall aslepp until some time after 2 a.m. *yawn*
We had the introduction of one of the courses I will take, unfortunately I don't have the English translation for it yet - the detailed information on the course isn't avaliable online yet (great timing, since it started TODAY!) ... but it's basically Bible studies, with a focus on interpretations. When I first arrived at Uni, a fried I've taken a few courses came over, she'd heard there had been a celebration for me yesterday so she wanted to congratulate me - very sweet!!! I didn't stay at Uni more than about 3 hours, but unfortunately a couple of not-so-great-at-all incidents occured ... at least one of them beeing of the really-not-so-great kind ... more catastrophic ... I'm trying to deal with it because there's absolutely nothing I can do about it - but it really, really, really does bother me.

When I came home I went to do some grocery shopping, and managed to run into one of the women I "worked" with when I was on sick-leave, before I got back to studying full-time! She's hardly EVER even in my town, so I was quite surprised to see her - and happy!!!!! I hadn't seen her in ... about six months I think, so it was really really nice!!

I figured I'd be able to relax a little when I got home ... but two florists called and said they had flowers to deliver, one bouquet from my Mom, and one from my Dad and his family - *THANK YOU*! Aren't they absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Things have been very up and down today, so I'm mostly feeling confused! Some things have been really wonderful and great, and other have been just terrible! Unfortunately I'm really tired now, and should do SO much - but right now, I'm actually prioritizing my diary! I don't think I'll be able to cope with this semester if I'm not really up-to-date there and can use it a lot ... unfortunately I've fallen a bit behind, so I reckon it'll take a number of hours before I feel good about that ...
Speaking of which, that's what I'll do now! :)

Take care - and a very special thank you for all my birthday greetings (several on Facebook, that I did not expect!!), birthday cards, flowers and presents!!! I'm really greatful! :)

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The Darkest Night said...

beautiful flowers!!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I really like them!:) :)