Friday, 4 January 2008

Zorro: So Impressive!

I also have to dedicate one of my pick-up posts to Zorro, because he has been absolutely fantastic during these two weeks!!
He is getting old, and I know he cannot adapt as easily to new situations now as he used to, he finds it more difficult to come to terms with new routines etc. so I was a bit worried about how he would cope. Especially since we'd be living with my Dad and his family this time, previously Zorro and I have lived in the summerhouse and only stayed for a day or two with my Dad.

But things have worked out well above expectations!! I can see that Zorro might not have been quite so at ease as he has led the others to believe, I know him so well that I see signs that others don't, but overall, things have worked out very well!
Zorro completely accepted my little sisters, both M and I, fully and wasn't bothered by their screaming and shouting and running and jumping and playing much at all. Of course we had to be careful with I, so she wouldn't accidently hit him or pull his fur, but it worked out sooo well! I really fell for him, and had long conversations with him in her baby-lanugage!! Adorable!

The only times I felt Zorro wasn't feeling great was when I wasn't around, or when he didn't know where I was!! I can here on the way he sounds when he's upset and doesn't know where I am, and when I called him, he came running, jumping up in my lap and started purring!! I know he has missed the contact we have when we're alone together, where he can fall asleep in my lap, or we're almost always in the same room, because he hardly got any of that.

But despite this "new" situation for him, something so completely different from what is going on when we're at home, he has never complained once. He clawed a little on the furniture, but I think that was because he didn't have anywhere to do that (I have a "cat-furniture" which is made so he can claw as much as he wants on it), but apart from that and some running around, he accepted everything that went on ... so he really desvers credit for that!!

Check out him with the girls!!! :)


The Darkest Night said...

I'm glad to hear things went so well with Zorro! :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, I was a bit worried actually, and even though I could tell he was longing for some quiet-time with me, things did work out very well! :)

The Darkest Night said...

that's really great!

Jessica said...

Yeah, it was a big relief ... otherwise I would have had to move out to the summerhouse with Zorro, and considering all of us were REALLY sick, that wouldn't have been too great! Still, I can tell he's happy about being home again now! :)