Sunday, 13 January 2008

Broken Wrists ...

First of all, a clarification! When I'd written the title I realized how that sounds, so let me tell you, I have not fractured my wrists ... they are just ... well, broken! At least they sure feel broken ...

I've come up with this really efficient way of studying, which involves me constantly typing on my computer - thereby my broken wrists. I'm using a very small font, so I get quite lot in on single page, I started writing about 6 p.m. yesterday, have slept for four hours, and only taken minimal food-and-bathroom breaks ... and I've written 56 full pages .... **I want to pass this course!!**

So apologies for this short entry, but my hands really hurt right now! I had hoped to get it all done tonight, but I still have about 5 pages left I think ... and I want to start printing as soon as possible tomorrow (maybe around seven), and I'm supposed to get up, have my usual morning routine (which I won't give up for anything, so don't even try!!) and type at least five pages, I guess I'll have to get no later than five ... *yawn*

I really have lots of stuff to write about here now, as a lot is going on now, both my "practical" life and on an emtional level, but I'll have to see if I can find some time when I'm not completely stressed out, exahausted or experiencing severe pain ...

Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

aw sis...sorry to hear about your wrists! I hope you'll feel better soon! *hugs* and good luck with your studies!! Sounds like a good plan, I used to type up my notes on the computer too...makes it much easier to study from them.

Jessica said...

Thanks sis! Yeah, I ususally learn SO much more from writing (wether by hand or on the computer) so I figured it was good study-tactics! :) You'd think I feel confident about my notes now, I've written during the lectures, copied them by hand afterwards, typed them in the computer after the lecture, and now typed them all together (without copying!!), but I still feel like I don't know anything! *sigh* Guess I'm destined to bad self-confidence! :)