Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Catching Up!

I really don't have time for this blog entry, but I don't feel like abandoning this blog entirely, so I guess I'll have to try to type fast! :)

I'm going through a lot in my life now, a lot of challenges socially as well as heavy studying, so fact of the matter is, I don't have time for much at all! At least I should loose some weight, because I can almost feel like I don't have time to eat ... and sleep is limited to a maxmimum of four-five hours per night ... *sigh*

I have faced at least two larger challenges this week, one was a seminar where we were discussing some book papers, and even though I normally can at least cope with that now, (even though I have anxiety and feel bad) this time I really felt I'd written a truly bad paper! When reading through the others, mine really wasn't good at all. Now I know I didn't put my soul into writing it, and from the beginning we were only supposed to hand it in, not discuss it - but it was really hard for me to go through it since I felt I had done such a poor job of it!
I did go, and it did work out - somehow (very strange, in fact) - and I'm really proud that I did it! Also, I think I've learned from this that no matter what, it's worth taking the extra time to hand in something you can really stand up for!!
The second challenge was a disucssion with a teacher about next semester (which starts on Monday) ... this was very hard for me, on a number of levels, but I managed to once again go through with it, deal with things and make them "work out" - another reason to be proud, I guess! ;)

Unfortunately I didn't get that much studying done yesterday afternoon, and I haven't gotten much done today either, even though I've been up for almost four hours! I think these two challenges have dried me of strength, as I feel very tired, but I still can't afford to relax! I have a HUUUUUGE exam tomorrow - at a weird hour, 6p.m. ... it's an oral exam for a very demanding teacher and the course covers one half on an entire semester!! I will try - try - try to study as hard as I possibly can, because it would be such a great relief if I could pass this course ...

Therefore my blog entries are a bit stressed now, I don't feel I have the time to write in the way I want, because time is always a factor! I will come back with more entries after the exam, about my life and my thoughts on the future!

To Swedish Readers:
Ville bara påminna er om att en ny viktblogg finns uppe nu: Ytterligare ett försök - version 2.0. Den är inte officiellt igångsatt än, jag kommer att starta upp den i nästa vecka, men jag skulle vilja ha tips och råd från er om hur ni vill att den ska se ut, vilket upplägg den ska ha ... kika gärna in och rösta och kommetera! Tack!

My Life At The Moment!
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My Plans for tomorrow: Study like crazy and an oral exam!


Sara said...

Jag ska hålla tummarna för dig imorgon Jessica, även om jag inte tror det behövs. Du kan det. Jag måste också säga att jag tycker du är jätteduktig med allt du tar dig an och alla rädslor du överkommer. Hejja Jessica! Du ska vara stolt över dig själv.
Ser fram emot söndag!!! :)
Många kramar

The Darkest Night said...

I think you should be really proud of yourself - after all going through challenges that are really tough is quite an accomplishment! *hugs*

Good luck on the exam !! *thinking of you *

Jessica said...

Sara:Aw, TACK för den fina kommentaren!!! :) Är ca 2 timmar kvar tills jag ska åka nu *NERVÖS*!! Ser oxå fram mycket mot söndag - vi ses då!! *kramar*
the darkest night: Thanks so much! I'm trying not to get completely stressed out over my exam now! :) Hope to talk to you on YIM soon! *hugs*

The Darkest Night said...

anytime *hugs*
hope to see you soon too! think i'll be stuck inside today, so unless my internet gives up (it wasn't working too great this morning) I'll be around... ;)

Jessica said...

It's been really nice talking to you this afternoon! :)