Saturday, 19 January 2008

Websites, Forums and Blogs!

Since I am about to start the most demanding semester I've ever gone through on Monday, I figured this was as good a time as any to try to figure out what to do about all my websites, blogs and forums - because I seem to have a ton of them and I have no idea what to do with them! (Currently mostly thinking I'll delete everything except this blog, but that might be a tad too drastic ...)

I'd really like to hear my visitors opinion on this, wether you visit any of my blogs/websites/forums and in that case which ones, if you want me to keep some in particular or if you don't really care which! ;) Comments are usually rather scarce here, but I want to point out that I'm really giving you a chance to say what you think here ... otherwise I'll just decide on my own! :)
Some things regarding this I already KNOW, so I will list them here (they are non-negotiable!), but with regards to everything else, I really welcome your opinion!

Okay, this is what I really know:
  • This blog - Another Day Another Destiny - will stay in its current form! It seems to be getting visitors and I'm happy with the way it's working now.
  • I will also keep my Swedish blogs Ytterligare ett försök - verison 2.0 (which hasn't officially even started yet!) and Att Leva Med Social Fobi.
  • My Stargate SG-1 blog will move to a new location and undergo some changes, but will stay and will hopefully be updated on a regular basis.
  • Jessica's Flying Doctors Page will move to a location as well as get a new layout, and I will also start up a Flying Doctors Forum to replace the crappy Bravenet forum that currently exists.
That's what I've decided so far ... but there's lots more to decide upon! What is left of all my "projects" (and I appreciate your thoughts and comments on these ...) are:
I'm hoping to reach a decision about this fairly soon - so comments are very much appreciated! Yes, I'll stop nagging you know, sorry! :)
Hope you're all having a great Saturday!


The Darkest Night said...

well...deleting is always drastic ;)
Personally I hope you'll keep all of them - because I love them all! But I totally understand it can get a bit too much running that many sites/blogs/forums! (I'm having the same thoughts myself),

I really hope you'll bring back your Les Miz site..I really miss it! :)
Also your Flying Doctors site is very special to me...wonder if we would have known eachother without it?

but hey..I like the others I'm not much help now I bet...*oops*

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment sis! :)
The FD-site will definately stay, it was the first website I ever created, and it does mean a lot to me too! :) And I think you're right, we probably wouln't have ever met, had it not been for that site!!! Amazing! :)

As for the Les Miz-site ... I'm not so sure ... it seemed like a good idea when I started it, but as things are I seem to have less and less time (and to be frank, less and less interest) for most things online - and it doesn't feel like much point to have a website I'll never put any work into ...

Guess I'm gonna have to think long and hard about this! ;)