Friday, 4 January 2008

Two Wonderful Birthday Presents!!

Since I won't be going back to my families for my 30th birthday this year, we sort of celebrated during Christmas holidays. Since it turned out this way, most of my gifts feel like some kind of "birthday-Christmas-combination", except mainly two of them - and these two will get their own post here in the blog! :)

First and foremost, I had early on told my parents that I wanted a digital systematic camera for my birthday. I don't know much about photography, but I really want to learn and I think it's wonderful to try to compose pictures. I have only had a small automatic camera before, and while it certainly took great pictures, there were no challenge there - all I could do was point the camera and push the button!
I did get money from both my parents and on the annual sale right after Christmas I bought a wondeful NikonD40x that I'm completely thrilled about!!!! It was a really good price and I also got a proper bag for it a few days later!! So far I haven't had time to check it out properly - that will take a lot of time - but I have used the "Auto-mode", where you only adjust the zoom, and the camera does the rest - and the pictures are AWESOME!!!!! A really GREAT gift!

I knew about the camera beforehand, but I also got a surprise gift from my Mum, that I had never ever guessed. Without me knowing, she had made the most wonderful bed-cover you can ever imagine!!!!!!!!! It's HUGE and completely hand-made, and she's been working pretty much around the clock since August to get it ready - talk about feeling speachless!!!!!!!!!!
It's absolutely gorgeous and means SO much to me, since she's actually made every little bit of it herself - a fantastic gift to say the least!
I put it on to take some pictures, but I won't have it on all the time, since it'll get ruined (by cat-hairs and other dirt)! I'll only put it on for visitors! Doesn't my bedroom look SOOOO great?!!??!?!


The Darkest Night said...

wow....totally jealous! :)

That camera looks so cool...I hope I can get a camera like that some day.

and the bedcover is amazing!! Your mom must be really talented!
and yes, your bedroom looks wonderful! :) Like it came right out of a home-decorating magazine! Beautiful! :)

Jessica said...

Sorry sis! :)
I really hope you can get a camera like that, it's AWESOME!!! And I haven't even begun checking it out properly yet! *lol*
The bed-cover present was amazing, it came as a total surprise, and knowing the amount of work my Mum put into it makes it SOOOO special to me! Definately a present I'll remember the rest of my life!!

The Darkest Night said...

Looks very cool indeed! I think once I get all the "must have" apartment stuff, I'll try to save up to a new camera (I guess in 100 years or so LOL). would be cool to have a more advanced one..

yeah i totally understand that the bed-cover must be a very special gift! Just thinking of much love and effort went into it :) You deserve it though!

Jessica said...

Good luck on your savings-plan! :) I really hope I can get the time to LEARN more about photography, now that I've got a better camera! Luckily for me I have a friend who is a graphic designer and has gone tons of educations in design and photograpy - so I'm going to try to get free lessons! :)

Have safely put away the bed-cover now! While I'd like to have it on all the time, I'm afraid it'd get ruined (if nothing else by cat-hairs!! *lol*), so I'm only going to put it on for special occasions!