Monday, 21 January 2008

Princess For A Day!

Yes, the ugly duckling actually got to be princess for a day!!
My friends Sara and Johanna had organized the whole day yesterday for me, and it was just ... amazing!!! I could never in my life have anticipated anything like that, and it was without a doubt one of the more memorable days of my life!!

They met me at the trains at about noon, and first we went to 'Dunkers Kulturhus', a museum located just by the waterside, where they had lots of cool exhibitions! I had never been there before, so it was quite exciting. Especially one exhibit about a Swedish designer called Stig Lindberg was really good, and there was also a very cool show about the town's history!

After that we went to Sara's apartment, she'd made yummiest cheesecake - with white chocolate!! - and we drank ... champage ... *yikes!* :) I also got a lovely birthday present, which turned out to be a beautiful handbag!! I LOVE bags, so that was really a perfect gift!!!!!

It was really wonderful, and after we were done eating cheesecake, Sara sneaked off leaving me and Johanna talking. After a while Sara came back, and it turned out they had planned a 'home-spa' for me - with a real bubblebath, magazines to read, candles the bathroom ... AMAZING!!! I don't have a bathtub (only shower), and I don't know when I took a bath last time! They were going to prepare dinner, so I had plenty of time to really relax and enjoy myself - which I truly did! The timing couldn't have been better either, I coped with the oral exam, I've left that course behind me, and I'm starting a rough semester today, so what better timing than to be able to completely relax!!

When I managed to drag myself out of there, Johanna and Sara had prepared most of dinner, but aparently it wasn't dinner time just yet! They had something else planned first, which turned out to be make-overs!!!! Johanna would do all of our make-ups, and Sara would fix our hair!!! Sooo cool!! The ugly duckling above is really true regarding me (though I have some serious doubts about the swan-part!!), and I'm not at all into make-up and stuff like that - so this was truly educational - it was a wonderful experience!!! We all turned out really great, I think - even though I have a hard time saying that about myself!

Right before dinner, I got another present!! This time it was two gorgeous shirts to wear ... but we were all a bit nervous about that, I think! It's always terrible difficult to buy clothes for somebody else, and I happen to be supersensitive about my weight ... I tried them on, and they were gorgeous!!! I got sooo many compliments (and I have such a hard time accepting them, unfortunately), and I think it worked out too!! I will have to loose some kilos before I feel totally comfortable with them, but they were really wonderful (and it's given me another motivation factor to really loose weight!)!!!
Dinner was two LOVLEY pies and nice crispy sallad! As usual, I ate tooooooo much, but it was SOOO good! (So much for loosing weight, yeah, right!! *lol*) We sat and talked a lot afterwards, and it was a fantastic evening! I'm really, really comfortable around Sara and Johanna and I totally feel I can trust them - I think we all exchanged some 'secrets' yesterday, and I'm usually very sensitive about who I tell what - but I really feel I can trust them completely!!!

All in all, this was such a GREAT day I really lack the words to describe it!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH, Sara and Johanna! (I usually don't like birthdays very much, but this was a really wonderful one!!!)


The Darkest Night said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you're having a really nice day ! *hugs*

And I'm very happy to hear you had such a great day yesterday! You deserve it!

The Darkest Night said...

forgot to say wonderful photos! You look great ! :)

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks sis!!!
Yesterday was REALLY AMAZING, a day I'll treasure in my memory!
Today had it ups and downs ... but the main birthday focus was still yesterday, so I'm really about about turning 30 actually! *lol*