Friday, 4 January 2008

My Adorable Sisters!

This post is dedicated to my two adorable little sisters, M who is 3½ and I who will turn 1 in a few days!!

It was absolutely fantastic to see them again this Christmas. I didn't have the oportunity to visit them during the fall, so I hadn't seen them since this summer, and particularly I had grown a lot!!

M is really a "big girl" now, and coping sooo well! Her speach is almost spotless, she only has problems with the letter 'R' which she usually replaces with 'L', but apart from that, she's great and her vocabulary is really impressive!! It's clear she's enjoying not only speaking but reading, and she's actually learned the entire alphabet, all 28 (in the Swedish alphabet) letters!! She knows them by heart, and in the correct order if she concentrates. Her parents made her a "memory-game" but put letters instead of pictures and she played it constantly ... and she wins over most of us!! Very impressive!!
I was also happy to see that some of the tension between the sisters are gone now, since it was very tough on the entire family last spring! M can still get jealous at times, but not nearly as much, and she's really helpful with I too, which was great to see!

The biggest change since I saw them was of course I - but then again, there's a whole lot of difference between a 6 months-old baby and a 1-year-old girl, that's for sure! She's crawling around superfast, and she can stand up easily if she has something to hold on to! She's usually really happy and I was thrilled to find that she wasn't shy toward me at all! I never really "connected" with her this summer, she was very shy then, and it was tough with M, so I was very very happy to find out that I could develop a true relationship with I now! Both girls were sick, and I actually even managed to fall alseep in my lap once, when she had high fever! I know I'm repeating myself, but this means a lot to me, since M and I are my sisters on equal levels, and it hasn't really felt like that before!

Instead of rambling on, I'll let the pictures talk for themselves! :)

We celebrated three birthdays before I left, my Dad, I and mine, I is really enjoying her presents!! And M got a present too! :)

"Santa's Little Helpers"

Opening Christmas presents

I's 'funny face'!! :)

Playing 'peek-a-boo' under the table! :)

All three sisters:


The Darkest Night said...

they sure are cute! :) :) Love the photos! (lots of great scrappin' material there LOL)

M sure is growing quickly!! What a big girl! Totally cute too - looks like a real angel! :) I love her curly blonde hair :)

And I is totally adorable too! (Doesn't seem long ago that M was that size, does it?) ;)
I love the peek-a-boo pic! :) that one is amazing! And of course the pics of the 3 sisters :)

Jessica said...

Glad it's not only me thinking they are adorable! *lol*
They ARE growing FAST now ... and you're right, it wasn't that long ago I was walking around with M the way I have been with I now, makes you feel kinda old, the years really DO fly by very quickly!

And yes, lots and lots of scrappin' to be done ... I'm on a tight schedule for a few weeks, but I'm hoping to get some photoshop-time soon! :D
(Also helps that my new camera has GREAT resolution ... on the Medium-size, the pictures are 3872x2592 and there are two sizes above that one - yay!=

The Darkest Night said...

Little people grow ;)

Looking forward to seeing your scraps :)

Jessica said...

They sure do ... :)
I have only had time for two scraps yet, but I haven't uploaded them ... I hope I'll have time for some more scrapping soon though! :)