Sunday, 27 January 2008

Trying To Prepare!

Guess it's time to start preparing for next week - week #2 of spring semester 2008!
I'm not completely happy with how the first week turned out, so naturally, I'm hoping for a better week now. Still lots and lots and lots and lots to do, but I really want this to work out, so I hope I can keep up! :)

Apart from quite a few lectures (most days I think it's two of them) I have to study a lot, as all courses I'm taking now are quite demanding! I'm also meeting a friend and her little baby (just over a month old - ADORABLE!!!) on Tuesday and I'm totally looking forward to that of course!

Not much else to write about though, I've spent the entire day studying, trying to catch up on Hebrew as well as writing a paper for the Old Testament course, so yeah, I'm busy! :)

Getting VERY annoyed with eBay though, even though I really know it's not eBay's fault ... but I STILL haven't gotten my Stargate SG-1 box!!! *angry* This time I checked out the seller in detail, so I don't think I've been ripped off again - I hope! - but it's still very strange! I payed on January 7th and on USPS website using the tracking number I got it said it had been shipped from Chicago on January 9th. When nothing happened I though it must have gotten stuck in Swedish customs, but before I emailed them, I thought I'd check USPS one last time ... well now all of a sudden it said my package had left Chicago on January 17th ... eh, HUH?!?!?! I sent an email to them straight away, but haven't heard anything.
I don't really mind if I have to pay to get it from Swedish customs, right now it feels like I don't care about anything just so long as I WILL GET IT!!! I've been shopping from eBay for years, now all of a sudden it's supposed to be completely impossible to recieve an item!?!? *deep deep sigh*
Okay, I know this is not the end of the world, and I'm not getting that upset about it, but I have payed a lot of money!!! First in November (or whenever it was, October maybe), I payed $215 and got ripped off ... and Paypal payed me back $175 - and now I've payed about $250 ... and I'm still not getting anything!
Guess all I can do is wait and see, I suppose ...

Now I'm going to try to wind down and get some sleep so I can get through next week in a decent way!
Good night!

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