Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Drastic Actions!

Well, I didn't get much response to my post on my websites and such, and since I've had a pretty rotten day today, I decided to get a bit drastic tonight!
I haven't finished going through everything (currently downloading the stuff from the websites I'm removing, to at least have some backup), but I have decided what will stay and what will go! :) I will make a separate webpage with the URL to all my websites that are current and active, when I've finished everything - naturally you will get the link here, so you can have everything in one place.

So far though, it looks like ending up like this:
  • Another Day - Another Destiny
  • Ytterligare ett försök - version 2.0 (Swedish)
  • Att leva med social fobi (Swedish)
  • Stargate SG-1 (will have a new look and a new URL)
  • The World of 007 (looks like the activity might pick up there now, so I'm keeping it for a while at least)
  • Possibly a Forum connected to my Flying Doctors site
  • Jessica's Flying Doctors Page (will go through a make-over and a move to a new URL first)
That's it!! I've removed a number of blogs, will close at least two websites and have deleted two forums ... yup, I'd say that qualifies for a drastic evening, wouldn't you?
Still, websites and such are supposed to be fun, right? Mine was only causing me stress and trouble and problems, so no use in keeping them, right?! :)

Oh yeah, I downloaded this really cool digi.scrap-kit earlier, and found out it would work very well for graphics! :) What do you think?

Like I've said, I've had a pretty rotten day today, but I hope it was a temporary set-back and that I can be back-on-track tomorrow again! :)

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