Friday, 11 January 2008

Survived Another Day!

Obviously, I did survive this day as well ...
I felt pretty bad all morning, so it was a massive session in my diary, that's for sure! It does do me the world of good, and I can certainly recommend writing as a therapeutic method for anyone who hasn't tried it!!

Before I go into what my life has been, I'd just like to say:

My youngest sister turns 1 year today!! Amazing how time flies ... and yet it doesn't! Weird feeling!! It doesn't seem long since I waited to hear from my Dad, wether or not we'd have a new family member and if it had been a boy or a girl ... and I remember getting the phonecall one year from today ... doesn't seem long ago at all. And at the same time I feel like I've had two little sisters for ages, it seems SO long ago M was my only sister! Strange thing, how we percieve time ....

I pushed my limits a bit, and didn't leave until I really needed to, which was around ten, and I managed to get some studying done on the train. When I got off, I heard a cry behind me, it was Sara and Johanna! It was great to see them, particularly Johanna, since I hadn't seen her for ages (long before Christmas!!)!
Sara and I went to lunch, while poor Johanna had to go to the Department to finish a paper! Sara and I had a great lunch, and I really feel greatful to ... well, I don't know to what, to 'life' maybe, taht I can experience something like that! Just "hanging out", nothing big, just spending quality time with someone you like and can easily talk to! I don't think I have been able to do that, in a relaxed way, since I went to senior high school or something ... I've always been filled with anxiety and mixed feelings before, feeling like I've had to be someone I'm not, feeling terrified about making a fool of myself, or appearing strange or weird. I know this might sound like nothing special, but I'd like to emphazise that I really do appreciate being able to do and enjoy something like that! Something that was far from possible only two years ago ... amazing!
Sara and I went back to the Department after our meal and had a coffee, and I got some good advice about my upcoming course and exam ... and all advice are greatly appreciated!!

I got about an hour's study at the library, before it was time for lectures ... but I was pretty tired so it was rather difficult to focus. We also handed out our papers ... *SIGH* It feels like mine is by far the worse, and more than that, but I'm trying to talk myself into letting it go now, and deal with it on Monday, when we'll have the seminar!!

I went straight home after lectures, and even though I had intended to get at least a few hours studying in, not much has happened there ... I will try to get at least something done now, though ... I'm not very tired, so I guess I can try to study effectivly for a while now, and treat myself to sleeping "late" tomorrow instead, right?! :)

I'm also trying to get started on my blogs ... can't guarantee a great number of updates there, but I will at least try to start up with them again! So far two updated (both Swedish):
[Ja, jag ska försöka starta upp en ny viktblogg, som jag hoppas fungerar bättre än den förra!! Titta gärna in där också!! ;)]

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