Monday, 28 January 2008

'Stargate SG-1'

It’s a great big world,
With a great big swirl that you step inside to another world.
We’re talking Stargate,
It’s a crazy trip,
You can go quite far and you don’t need a car or even a ship.
There’s Colonel O’Neill and Carter and Daniel and Teal’c.
Look out for that Go-go-go-go-go-goa’uld.

Well, I figure I'd start with the best news first! It's HERE!!!! I got my Stargate SG-1 DVD Box Set and it's the COOLEST!!! (just check out the picture!) After all the pains and miserys and hardships and worries, I finally got it! Woooo-hooooo!!! I have so limited time to watch new episodes now, so I have a feeling it will last a long time!! And it should, actually, as it contains 54 (!!) discs, all ten seasons, with 212 episodes and four bonus discs with tons of nice stuff!! *happy happy happy*
Not to mention, I got the perfect birthday gift from Annika today - totally suitable!! It was the book "Stargate SG-1 Illustrated Companion Seasons 1 and 2" ... so completely perfect!!! :) (Apologies for not having a picture of the book, my camera would totally not cooperate ...) YAY!!

Okay, not making this entire entry about Stargate! *lol*
The rest of the day has been mostly very intense and very confusing - with some really good stuff and other really bad stuff! On the really bad side of things I had to pay a customs fee for my Stargate Box, which was 564:- ... which is about US$90 - SO not fun! Also, found out that I kind of "owe" a state authority A LOOOOOT of money (it's a really long and really complicated story and I'm so not in the mood for that, sorry guys), and that just turned down my mood a great deal!

On the plus side of things was that I had a great lecture in Hebrew today - I really hope I can keep doing that and following these courses the rest of the semester, because the teacher is sooo great, and I really think it's THAT much fun! It's a lot of work, a whole lot of work, but it's very, very rewarding!
Also, I met Sara at Uni, which was great as I haven't seen her since our birthday celebration! We had company on the train home and I really enjoy talking to her (we tend to laugh a lot at the same things *lol*)!! :)

Not so great though - see, I have had a confusing day! - is that I've been very tired all day, and een though I had my mind set on finishing a paper for my Old Testament course for tomorrow there's no way I'll get it done!! It's so much work involved and I'm almost drowning in information, so it'll take some time to get it to work. Also, I'm gonna have to work a bit on my Hebrew now, as we are already entereing into stuff that I'm not completely sure of ... so I'm really feeling quite tired now.
I have lectures at 8 tomorrow, so I'll have to make it an early night tonight - as I have to leave here before 7 a.m. *yawn*

Take care, guys!

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The Darkest Night said...

I'm really happy you liked the book! :)

Great that you finally got the dvd box!It looks VERY cool! :) Annoying about the customs though...

Jessica said...

I sure did, sis, I've been reading it whenever I've taken a study break these days - THANKS!

Also VERY happy to finally get the dvd box! I had sort of anticipated the customs fee, a bit annoying but rules are rules I guess ... and at least I HAVE it now, I don't have to fight over it, and email people and start processing at Paypal and whatnot, and that's a great relief! :)

Jexxie said...

man kan inte låta bli att älska boxar, jag köpte nyligen seinfeld boxen ('ven om jag redan hade säsong 1-7 innan som jag nu måste försöka sälja) och jag blir så exalterad av hur fina boxarna e och dylikt. Tänk bara på james bond boxen...Förresten...min D-uppsats ska handla om james bond!