Wednesday, 29 November 2006

1 000 visitors - Thank You !

Wow - over 1,000 visitors today!!
I'm really glad so many of you want to visit my blog and read about my life, my thoughts and feelings! Thanks! :)

Despite this little 'anniversary' - or whatever you should call it - I don't have a very happy blog entry for today either! Bad things never come alone, and I sure am experiencing that now. Most everything in my life has turned against me at the moment, and I'm so completely exhausted and drained that I can't cope with it. I don't know what to do! I don't know the best way to handle things, so I'm just sitting around stressing like crazy and not knowing what I'll do the next day!
I think there are some similarities - although on a completely different level of course - to when you get a very serious disease ... I don't know much about this, but I think that when it comes to cancer or leuchimia and those kinds of diseases, your intire imune system is knocked out. This means that should you catch the tiniest bug after that, it could be lethal, because your body has absolutely no defenses left.
I feel a bit like that, but on a psychological level. I have completely drained myself mentally this semester and I have nothing left when things start going wrong - and they certainly are now - so that means I have no idea how to cope or what to do ...

I will try to keep writing something here every day, as I have been before, so I guess you'll find out what will happen.
'To Be Continued ...'

Once again - thank you all visitors and readers of my blog!

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The darkest night said...

Sorry to hear you're having a tough life is really sucky at the moment too...

but hang in there!
I hope everything will work out for you in the end... but I'm sure it will! *HUG*

Even the darkest night will end
and the sun will rise!

PS If there's ANYTHING I can do, you know where to find me ;)

Dakota said...

Jessica & The darkest night - I'm so sorry to hear your lifes are sucky :(
Going through tough times is no fun :(
I hope you both will feel better soon!
*keeping my fingers crossed for you!*


Jessica said...

the darkest night:
Thanks! I know things will eventually get better, even though I can't for the life of me see how at the moment. Even though I might be able to work some things out, it won't be very good in the end at all ... ah well ...

Jessica said...

Thanks, it can certainly be rough going through times when nothing will work ....

The darkest night said...

Dakota - thank you! *hugs*

Jessica - I understand what you mean...but at least we don't know yet what tomorrow will be might be horrible or it might be don't give up on it yet...*hugs*

PS This is the 3rd time today I'm trying to comment here....I hope it works this time, becuase my comment seems to get shorter every time I write it... *oops*

Jessica said...

the darkest night:
Glad to hear your comment finally decided to work!
And thanks! I know you can only hope that tomorrow will be better ... I just have a hard time doing that just now ....