Sunday, 5 November 2006

A Bit Nervous!

I'm feeling rather nervous right now, as the upcoming week is a very heavy one for me!
I have lots of things to do, we start a new course, which I think will be interesting but quite demanding. It also looks like there will be quite a lot of work - and presentations - in groups ... and since the last time worked so well ... *ironic smile here* ... I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions, but it's hard not to worry!
I also have a lot of other stuff I need to do and take care of, and on Thursday I'm going north to meet my families!! I look forward to the trip a lot - it'll be great to see my little sister again, and I'm seeing one musical show and one 'real' musical! Yay! But it will be very demanding indeed, not much time for rest at all, and as soon as I am back, the course will continue ...
I have some other stuff - personal stuff - to deal with as well ... and this is something that tends to complicate matters a bit! I can't really help it though, because it's something I feel rather strongly about, and I just can't all of a sudden just forget about my feelings on this particular matter ... but it's also taking away energy that I need, now that so much stuff is happening around me! Life sure as Hell is complicated, isn't it?

Before I'm getting completely depressed, I do have some good news! I recently put up some auctions on Tradera - a Swedish auction site - to see if I could get some money ... I normally don't do very well there, I'm happy if I sell one or two items, but this time it's almost crazy!! I'm doing really really well, and that's terrific! Partly, of course, because I need the money (I mean, come on - who doesn't need money?!? *lol*), but also because I really need to clear out among my collections, and I really have a hard time throwing things like posters, books and dvds in the garbage!!!

Finishing off with some graphics ... I'll let you guess who's in which picture though!! *lol*

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Dakota said...

awww, the graphics (& the pics) are so adorable!! :)
my guess: you're the one in the red graphic ,
and your little sis is in the other one, right ?

Jessica said...

Absolutely correct, Dakota!! Good guess! :) :)

The darkest night said...

Good luck with everything!

I love the graphics! So cute !:)

Dakota said...

thanks Jessica! :)

have fun on your trip this week!

Take care!


Jessica said...

Aw, thanks Dakota! :)
I'll come back with a description of my trip and some musical reviews for my blog! :D

Jessica said...

Thanks darkest night!!
Glad you like the graphics! :D

The darkest night said...

Already looking forward to hearing all about your trip...and the musicals of course! ;) ;)

Jessica said...

Glad to hear it!
*working on reviews now*