Monday, 20 November 2006

Strange ... But Pretty Good! :)

Well, the title says it all! *lol*
The presentation today was pretty strange - but it did go rather well, I think! This whole part of the course has been strange, out teacher isn't the most structured person in the world, and that of course reflects on how the course works out. (I can't say that I'm thrilled that he will be my tutor for the eassy I'll be writing, but I guess I can't do anything about that ...)
I won't go into extreme detail - which would be extremely boring! - but we had six presentations today, and four of them (among them ours) was basically the same!! We had looked at exactly the same questions, and therefore came to the same results! This meant that the presentation were strange ... what was most commonly heard was ..."as you've already heard", or "as that group already said" ... yay, that was fun!!
Anyway, we didn't do so bad with our presentation, and at the end we had this little evaluation, where we had some criticism to some practical aspects of the investigation we'd done - and we got quite a lot of positive response on that from the other students, who'd thought about it as well! What was really positive about all this was that since the presentations turned out the way they did, we were finished at 10.40 instead of 12.00 ... yay! :)

Can't say that I've done much else today ... though I did write down some initial thoughts on my essay and emailed them to my tutor this evening. I'll be meeting him regarding the essay on Wednesday, and I thought it would good if he would get some sort of idea of what I want to write about first! :)

Now I'm trying to prepare myself for tomorrow, which will be a rather long day! We start the second half of the course tomorrow, which will deal with qualitative methods and with a new teacher - thank you! I saw that we had a heavy day tomorrow, with lectures 9-11 and 12-2, but then we don't have lectures until Monday next week! Yay! Or so I though ... aparently we have another presentation next Monday, I think we're going to do an observation and write a report on that, which will be presented on Monday! *sigh* It just never ends ...

But I'm still feeling quite hopefull, as I'm constantly seeing that things are working out for me! Everything isn't perfect, far from it, I still have my 'issues' to work with and all that, but I can also see that it is working ... I can handle things, in a way that I've never felt before, and the social situation is also working out better than I could have imagined!!! So tonight I'm feeling quite confident that I will make it through this as well! ;)

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