Thursday, 23 November 2006

A Long List!

I most certainly have a long list of things I have to/should/want to/hope to do this weekend. If you think that sounds confusing, you're absolutely right, it is confusing! :)
Seriously though, I know I need to get some rest during these three days, but I also have to do a whole lot of other things!! I hope I can be disciplined enough to actually get through most of it, because I know I'd feel much better if I did - and things would be a bit easier in the future!

I was lucky this morning though, as I did get a ticket to the James Bond-movie, Casino Royale. I'm really looking forward to seeing it, although I always tend to be very sceptical when seeing a new Bond-film! I'll get back to you with a review of the movie! :)

My friend and I did our observation today and I think it worked out fairly well. The main thing is there won't be a written report, so it doesn't feel all that serious ... it's easier when you just have an oral presentation, because you don't have to be so careful about what it is your writing down ... this feels more like a presentation/discussion than anything too serious! At least I hope so ...

I hope to be able to catch up on a lot of things this weekend, I really feel like I've neglected by other two blogs: Great Lyrics! and Les Misérables: Beyond the Barricade!
I do hope I'll be able to make a few entries there this weekend, so please check them out every now and again!
I also need to update my Les Misérables website, try to kick-start my Les Misérables Forum, write a little something about our observation, email my essay-tutor to make him realize I need to see him on Monday or Tuesday, send out some more emails, start working on my essay, make some dvd caps, make a bunch of back-up cds, clean up my computer, start my Christmas shopping ... yeah, I told you I had a long list, didn't I?!!!
Ah well, at least my intentions are good, and I hope I can at least get some of the things done!

Take care!

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Jexxie said...

JAg vill också jätte gärna se Casino Royal. Även om jag tycker att Clive Owen hade gjort ett bättre jobb som Bond, tror jag faktiskt att filmen är bra. Ha de bra! KRAM

Jexxie said...

En dag får du visa mig lite trix om hur man gör på hemsidan. Försöker komma på hur man centrerar bilder, som din fjäril...

Jessica said...

Kommer tillbaka med en review om Casino Royale ... är väl inte stormförtjust i tanken på Daniel Craig som Bond - men vem vet, man kanske vänjer sig? *lol* Och som gammalt Bond-fan (har varit fan i typ 20 år!) är jag alltid skeptisk till förändringar ...

Vi kan kolla lite på hemsidor och sånt om du vill - fast just fjärilen här i bloggen är bara lagt som "Add Page Element", och så har jag bara kopierat in koden för den ... så det borde inte vara några problem! :)
Vi hörs!

Jexxie said...

Hejsan! Jag lägger alltid in allt som bilder som jag har men,,,det kan vi ju ta då! Jag är också ett gammalt bondfan. Älskar de gamla filmerna. Även om jag gillade Pierce Brosnan, så är ju inte de bondfilmerna samma sak som de äldre. Har dock en bra känsla angående Casino Royale. Ska se den mellan jul och nyår med fmailjen...


The darkest night said...

Hey sis!

Wow! sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead of you! Good luck with it all - don't forget to relax a bit too! :)

Very cool that you got a ticket for the Bond movie! Looking forward to reading your review of it!

(YES!! Clive Owen SHOULD have been James Bond...*grumpy*)

Have a great weekend!!
PS I started on my Christmas shopping today...yay me! :)

Jessica said...

Ja, det är nåt speciellt med Bond-filmerna, absolut! Fast jag är alltid väldigt skeptisk när jag ser en ny film ... ska försöka skriva en review nu tänkte jag ...:)
Vi hörs!

Jessica said...

the darkest night:
Yeah, I certainly will be busy ... hopefully I'll take some time to relax too ... I sure could need it!

Hope you enjoy the review! :)

The darkest night said...

Good luck with that! :)

I loved the review! :) But you always write great reviews :)

Jessica said...

Awww, thank you sooo much! *happy now*