Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Horrible Day ... and Night!

Today has definately not been a good day, that's for sure! I've had a ton of minor things to do, and none of them have worked out! I've done everything akward and backward, I keep forgetting things, things won't work out the way I'd planned them to ... etc etc etc! *sigh*
On a practical level this means that I have such a day tomorrow - I'm not sure how I'll cope with it!! I have lectures 8-10 in the morning, then I have to run some errands - that didn't work out - then I have to send something like 19(!!) packages, I did fairly well on tradera this time, but stupid me promised most of the buyers that I'd send their stuff before I go off on my trip ... after that I have to take the train home, then maybe get something to eat and I have to be off at no later than 1.10p.m if I am to catch my train! I have a definate feeling I'll be more dead than alive when I get on the train!!

What's worse of all right now, is that my apartment is cat-free at the moment! *sobbing now*
The girl that takes care of him came to pick him up earlier this evening, and I hate being without him. I keep looking for him, thinking about how he'd react to things ... and then I keep remembering that he isn't even here!!!! *crying now*
I'm not in a great shape myself at the moment, I'm completely exhausted, and I have quite a demanding trip ahead of me - not to mention everything else in my life that needs to work out ... and therefore I'm also more sensitive, especially when it comes to Zorro!
I just don't for the life of me know how I'll be able to get any sleep tonight!! The bed will be soooo big and soooo empty! *crying again*

Okay, I'll try not to sound completely depressed now!
I will have some time at home tomorrow - if nothing else goes wrong!! - and I'm hoping to make a short post here before I'm off! But if I can't make it - have a great time everybody, and I promise to come back with reviews and lots of photos!

Take care!!

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The darkest night said...

sorry to hear you're having a messy day! Good luck with everything & have a great trip! Will miss you! *hugs*

Jessica said...

thanks sis! I hope I'll survive tomorrow! :)
I'll miss you too ... we have to meet up on MSN when I'm back home again!
Take care!

Dakota said...

Have fun on the trip & take care! :)

The darkest night said... bet we will! :)