Monday, 13 November 2006

Back from the trip: General Update!

Well, I'm back from my trip now - feeling more dead than alive, actually!!
It's been a most eventful trip, but I've mostly had a great time, and experienced a great deal ... I can't say that I regret the trip, but the fact is that I'm not in top shape right now, actually I'm not feeling great at all!
I think I will be able to see the entire trip with other eyes when (if??) I get a chance to rest up properly, because right now I mostly feel overly tired and have a hard time coping with what's next; namely Uni and a number of problems that seems to pop up there ...
But enough of the negative now ... let's move on to the positive! :)

Two major events took place during my trip, namely The Best of The West End show on Saturday day and Chess - The Musical International Tour on Sunday! These two will each get a separate entry with a proper review ... hope you'll enjoy them.

As for the rest of the trip, well, naturally it was wonderful to see my families again ... and absolutely fantastic to see my little sister again!! She's certainly growing, that's for sure!! She's really tall now, and she talks - a lot!! *lol* It's still a bit 'babyish' in pronounciation, a lot of l:s and h:s, which are easy letters in Swedish, but it's definately no problem understanding her - once you get used to her "accent"! :) And her vocabulary is really impressive, she puts together long sentences with rather difficult words - it's such a huge change since this summer!
Naturally, there was a lot of play-time!
I'm sorry to keep this a bit short - but I've prepared two rather long reviews of the above mentioned shows, and if I'm going to be able to add them here tonight, I'd better get started!

I'll finish off with some recent pictures of my little sister! Enjoy!

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The darkest night said...

AW....she is SO cute!! :) I love the photos!! :) (the little lion looks cute too) ;)

Jessica said...

*lol* Yeah ... I think so too! *proud big sister now*
She already had a bigger lion, and I heard from my Dad that the bigger lion wanted a little baby ... so she was thrilled when I brought the baby lion as a gift! *lol*

The darkest night said... sweet! :) She's lucky to have a big sister like you!

Jessica said...

*lol* Thanks! :D