Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Countdown: 16 hours 9 minutes

Another countdown on the way now! This time to the group presentation which takes place tomorrow!! I haven't really had either time nor energy to worry much about it - until today! And now I'm in a state of total panic!!!
I met with the others in the group today, we decided how we should do the presentation tomorrow and stuff like that ... and right now I feel like bailing completely and get on the first flight out of the country!!
Big Ben Okay, maybe it's not quite as bad as that - even though I wouldn't mind a trip to London *lol* - but I certainly feel awful about all this, that's for sure!! I feel rather insecure about the stuff we're supposed to do the presentation on, it feels rather vague to me, and I'm also completely terrified about the "questions-discussion"-whatnot that will aparently follow after the presentation ... *gulp* I know I simply have to make it through tomorrow - and it probably won't kill me - but I really really feel very very bad about this ...
I've been most upset ever since I got home, and I haven't even started studying, so it's gonna be a long night tonight, becuase I do have quite a lot to do! First of all, I have to really go over my parts of the presentation, see how and what I should say, and try to "rehearse" a bit, and then I have to go through all the other reports too ... although I'm thinking of maybe not putting too much effort on that! I'm hopeless when it comes to discussions, I do have a hard time speaking up and being active, and I know that one of the teachers is fully aware of this, I don't think he expects too much of me, so I'm hoping that I can just look through the other reports so I know what they're about, and instead focus on our presentation! Oh, God I don't want to do this!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'll try to give you some happy news too ...
A while ago I saw this totally cool cd set on eBay, it was a radio recording of Les Misérables in Hebrew!!! Totally cool!!! (It doesn't hurt that I'll be studying the Old Testament and Old Testament-Hebrew all of next semester!!)
Anyway, I bought the set, it was quite cheap, so including shipping from USA I payed a little under $10. I payed directly, but about a day later I got an email from eBay saying something about the auction/sale beeing cancelled. I also got an email from the seller, telling me basically the same thing - but since I'd payed already, he would send me the CD.
This felt a bit worrying, and I was pretty sure I'd been fooled, but I figured that I could live with loosing $10 ... I emailed the seller, just out of curiosity, to see how he responded. I got this super-nice reply, where he told me a little about what had happened ... but I still wasn't convinced he was genuine! Until I came home today and found a note from the Post Office that I had a package to collect, and the sender was the seller on ebay! *yay* I hope I have time to get it tomorrow, otherwise it will be on Friday! I'm really happy about this, and in the mail I found out that I was the last person to get the CD set - so I'm guessing it's rather rare! :)

See, I can see positive things as well ... !
Even though I hardly feel positive at the moment, this whole thing tomorrow feels really haunting, and there are some other Uni-related problems, of variuos severity, that I have to try to deal with too.
I guess I'd better start studying now, instead of just sounding ocmpletely depressed in my blog!
Take care guys!

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Dakota said...

Good luck with the presentation!!

The darkest night said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! I'm sure you'll do great! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks guys! :)
The way things are going, and the way I'm feeling - I'm gonna need all the luck I can get!