Saturday, 18 November 2006

Pretty Awful Day!

Sorry to say I don't have a very positive entry today.
I have had a pretty rotten day today, I haven't managed to actually do anything, although I'm completely stressed out, and I'm really feeling down at the moment. I guess these things come and go, and I think everything that has been going on this semester is catching up with me now. I know that a lot of things have been positive and good and all that, but since I'm always stressing around - and I have some stuff to deal with that definately isn't good - I can't even be happy about the things that have worked out ...
Yeah, I'm rambling, I know ... sorry.

I know not much of this makes sense, but that pretty much mirrors the way I feel right now - I'm completely messed up, and I don't quite know how to sort everything out. Especially considering that I have to get up early tomorrow, to clean the entire apartment, read some passages from a book we used on a course last semester and do some shopping, before my friend comes - and then I have to be all nice and friendly and productive and everything - and on Monday morning I have another oral presentation!
*seriously considering to emigrate to the Moon*

I won't go and on about this, needless to say I'm not having a good day today, and that's that.

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