Sunday, 19 November 2006

A Better Day!

Today has been better, although I'm not feeling great about tomrrow!! First things first, though!

I was up pretty early, and did most of the cleaning I neglected yesterday! I really needed to do some shopping - I haven't done any grocery shopping in ages, and I'm definately scraping out the left-overs in the fridge right now.
My friend from Uni were coming, we needed to finish our report, and I realized I couldn't go on some major shopping-spree, but decided to go to the little corner shop, to get the most necessary stuff - and also something nice for us to have when we were working on the report! Everything went well until I got to the shop and found out they closed!! Without even telling me!!! How rude! Well, my friend was due in about 20 minutes, so there was no way I'd have time to go downtown and shop properly! *sigh*

Anyway, it was great to see my friend, we really get along very well! I have a very hard time 'socializing', especially when it's more private (it's easier if it's just before or during lectures, when we're at Uni etc.), but it really worked out great today! She's very kind and totally easy to talk to, and it turned out we feel the same about most things. Also, she simply fell in love with Zorro - and that's always nice! *lol*
We talked quite a lot, but also managed to finish our report! Yay!! But I can't say that I'm looking forward to the oral presentation tomorrow, because the entire thing is just soooo strange! I think we've more or less figured out what we were supposed to do, but so much of the report will be the same as everybody else (because most of what we were supposed to do goes for everybody in the group) ... and it's gonna be soooo weird and strange to say exactly the same as like six or seven other groups! *sigh* I'm more and more coming to terms with the concept of oral presentations (and those of you who know me and know of my problem will realize what a huge step that is for me!!), but I really have a hard time with it when one of these two things occur:
1. I feel that the presentation isn't really that great. I've been there for presentations and reports that I've felt weren't good at all, or at least had room for several improvements, and I do have a hard time standing up and presenting a report that I don't feel is good ...
2. When I'm not sure what it is we're supposed to do the presentation about. Like now. I can more or less figure out the written report, but you can't always do a good oral presentation out of a written report - which means that I'm currently very confused about how things will turn out tomorrow! Not good!

One major great thing happened today though!!! I'm so completely happy that I think I might even survive the presentation tomorrow! (Not bad, huh?!)
Well, to give you all a bit of background ... We have the presentation tomorrow, and on Tuesday we start the second part of the course. The first part has been about quantitative methods, the second part will deal with qualitative methods. We'll also be getting a new teacher. We will however work in the same way as before, in pairs doing different things and presenting them to the group. I really feel like I can work well with this girl I'm working with now, but she's studied for way longer than me, she knows a whole lot of people, and she was friends with some girls in the course even before we started, so I pretty much figured that if she'd worked with me now, she'd want to work with somebody else in the next part of the course.
And today when we were writing our report, she asked me wether we were supposed to work in pairs on the next part of the course too. I said yes, and she was happy about that, because she felt we worked so well together (she even mentioned how hard working in groups can be - which of course is exactly how I feel!!), and we also both live some distance from Uni in the same direction, so it was easy to meet at home, we didn't neccessary have to go to Uni etc. I was really SOO happy!!!
I was the one suggesting that we would work together, so hearing that she enjoyed it too - and that she actaully asked me if we could continue working together .... wow!! That is something really huge for me, and I really feel very very happy about that!!

I'm rambling again ... sorry! :)
I really should have finished off with a graphic - as I usually do! - but I've completely lost my inspiration and imagination when it comes to graphics and Photoshop! Guess I could take a break and hope that I'll be more motivated to create later on.
I did however update my Great Lyrics!-blog, I changed the layout and added a new song! You can check it out at:


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The darkest night said...

Glad to hear you had a nice day!! I know how hard it can be to find someone you work well with on projects - so congratulations!! :)

Also, GOOD LUCK tomorrow!


Jessica said...

Thanks!! :D
I'm totally happy with the way things have worked out - and that I can actually go on working with this girl ... it's totally fantastic!
Although starting to panic about the presentation now ... *gulp* Thanks for the 'good luck', I sure will need it! :)

Jessica Hansson said...

Hejsan! Hoppas att din redovisning gick bra idag!! Har också en blogg här nu.

Sen har jag en där jag skriver om film i alla dess forer ;

Om du undrar vem det är som skriver så är det jag...Jessica som gick i soc. räds. gruppen.

Hör gärna av dig om du läst detta så jag vet att det kom fram!

lämna en kommentar på min sida elelr maila ( även msn!


KRAM Jessica

Jessica Hansson said...

Förresten...råkade "sno" en bild från din sida. Hoppas att det är okej...

Kram Jessica

Jessica said...

Hey Jessica!!
KUL att höra ifrån dig (du har kommentar i din blog oxå *lol*)!!
Vi MÅSTE verkligen ses nån dag ... när allt inte är totalt kaos! :)