Thursday, 2 November 2006

Countdown: 4 hours 41 minutes

I'm currently working hard to try to make any kind of sense of this report/presentation thingy ... *gulp* I've been up since 5 a.m. so I've gotten some work done, but I'm verging on a state of panic at the moment, so I can't say that I'm very efficient ...
I know that this day will pass - and I will probably survive it too! - but it's really hard not to worry about how I will feel when it is over!
I'm not sure how 'serious' this presentation will be either, how much they expect from us. There will be some "question-discussion"-something afterwards, but I don't know what to make of that. Will they question the theories we've used, so we have to defend them?! (I soooo couldn't do that!!) Will it just be a friendly discussion where personal views are allowed, where we can discuss several reports/presentations at once - similarities and differenecs for instance - or will we have to defend our own report!! *gulp again*
I really wish I could just go away, someplace far far far away, anybody know of a good hotel on the moon?? Guess that's not an option though - either the moon or anyplace else ... *sigh*

I know a lot of others are very nervous about these kinds of things too, and people often use that to make me feel better ... "you're not the only one being nervous" etc. Well, newsflash ... "Won't help" (to quote Buffy in 'Once More, With Feeling')!! So what if everybody else is falling to pieces because they're so nervous, why should that make me feel less nervous!??! *confused* That doesn't make any sense to me!

Well, I won't ramble on ... I'd better make a new print of the report and try to put down a few supportive words and sentences, and see if I can make some sense of what I'm saying ...
If I'm not completely stressed out, I'll try to make another entry here before I have to leave!
Bye for now!

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