Saturday, 25 November 2006

Definately Hebrew!

Today has flown by rather quickly, but I think I have managed to get a few things done. One thing I have done is listen to my Hebrew Les Misérables recording that I bought on eBay a while back! I really like it!! I haven't listened to all of it yet, but most of it!
It was especially interesting to me, as I'll be studying Old Testament-Hebrew all of next semester (yes, I am strange, I already know that *lol*), and even though I imagine it's not exactly the same language (after all, some development should have occurred over about 3-4000 years, right?), I guess there are some similarities! As a matter of fact, I discovered one fairly early! One of the very few Hebrew words I do know is "Elohim", which means God (well, one aspect of God anyway ... long story!), and that occured quite a lot in the recording! Also, it's such a beautiful language! I could never have guessed, but I really do like it, and I'm very much looking forward to learning more about it next semester!!

I also tried to bring some form of life back into my Les Misérables Forum, so if you have a minute and feel like it, you can check it out! (More members and activities are always appreciated *hint hint*)
I know I have neglected it myself recently, but I will try to make an effort to post a bit more often from now on!

I've also put up some stuff for sale on Tradera - if anybody's interested, you can find it at! I hope I can get a little money for it, at least! (Also hoping to add some more stuff tomorrow night!)

Well, apart from that I don't have very much to report! I've become really inspired by the Lord of the Rings-dvds I'm watching, so I really hope I'll have the time and energy to start making dvd caps soon - I bet some of the pictures there would make awesome graphics! *fingers crossed*

I know I have one more day off before next week starts, but there are lots of things that start piling up at Uni now, so I'm really getting nervous. I'll try not to be too negative in advance, and I guess I'll have tomorrow to try to work with myself regarding this ... but it feels like it'll be quite heavy from now and until Christmas at least ... *gulp*

Take care!

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Jexxie said...

Hej! Jag är intresserad av Allt om DVD tidningarna. När vi träffas kanske vi kan titta lite på dem om du har dem kvar?! Om du dessutom säljer filmer så titta hit! Kram

The darkest night said...

Wow! Sounds like you got A LOT done today! Way to go!

Btw the link to the LM forum doesn't work, so you might want to change a few letters in it ;) (I found it anyway of course *lol*)

Hope to try to catch up there tomorrow - great to see you getting it active again!

The Hebrew LM recording sounds really cool!! :)

Jessica said...

Absolut! Om jag inte säljer dem på tradera, ska jag "spara" dem, så kan du se om du är intresserad! Har som sagt 2 dvd-filmer uppe till försäljning, vill eventuellt bli av med en del vhs:er oxå om du är intresserad! Vi får prata mer om det! :)

Jessica said...

the darkest night:
Thanks for pointing out my mistake with the link *will fix it right now*
I also hope there will be some more activity there soon! *fingers crossed*

The Hebrew recording was totally cool, I really like it! :) :) But it certainly makes me want to find even more different recordings! WHY AM I NOT A MILLIONAIRE?!?!?!

The darkest night said...

*lol* I know THAT feeling! The more Les Miz you listen to, the more versions you want to get!!

Jessica said...

VERY true! :D

Jexxie said...

Ja, jag köper VHs också, om det är billigt och bra kvalité. Vilka två DVDer?
Är intresserad av numrena av Allt om DVD om jag inte har dem, men det tror jag absolut inte att jag har.

Jessica said...

Dvd:erna är ... nån med Elijah Wood, kommer inte ihåg vad den heter nu (den ligger uppe på tradera nu) och så Beyond City Limits ... Vhs får jag kolla upp ... men om jag inte får sålt dvd:erna, och allt om dvd-tidningarna sparar jag dem, och så kan du ju kolla om du kommer hit om du är intresserad! :)