Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Not According To Plan!

This day certainly didn't turn out the way I thought it would, that's for sure!
I was supposed to go to work and start preparing for my essay, and then meet with my tutor. Well, I woke up feeling awful this morning!! I had horrible stomach cramps and felt really, really sick!! I tried to get better for a few hours, but then realized I'd never be able to make it to work! :( Next thing was, would I be able to make it to Uni to meet with my tutor?! I debated this for a while, but realized that it was probably not a great idea to go out, feeling the way I did!
I logged onto my computer at once, to send my tutor an email as quickly as possible ... but I couldn't help feeling stupid for cancelling, when I was the one who asked for this meeting. Well, as soon as I opened my email program I saw that I had an email from my tutor. That felt kind of weird, and when I opened it, I got a bit of a shock. Aparently he's suffered pretty much a personal tragedy, and he had to cancel our meeting! I really felt even more stupid then (which, in retrospect, wasn't very rational, I suppose ...) ... but at least I knew there'd be no meeting today!! I emailed him back with my sympathy for him, and told him to get back to me when he could, so we could re-schedule.

For me though, it was really nice to have a day completley to myself!! I spent most of the morning catching up on sleep - THANK YOU for that! My stomach problem cleared up during the day, which also felt great!
In the afternoon, I got stuck into a huge project, that I've been putting off forever!! Namely sorting through photos!!! I don't think I've felt good about my photos since my little sister was born (which was the summer of 2004!!)!! There has always been different piles of photos, or the photos had no dates (I really want accurate dates on the photos of my sister ...), I got photos from my Dad and his family every now and again, and basically, it's been pretty messy ... Well, I took about 5 solid hours or something, and I went through all my photos from November last year to September this year, and put them in the correct albums, wrote dates and a little comment to most of them etc. Now there are no photos lying around, I have developed my last photos, and I think I'll wait until after the Christmas holidays to do that ... so YAY!! It feels great to know that it's all in order now! :)

And, I got a nice surprise in the mail! I think I wrote in a previous blog entry about getting the chance to get tickets to a premiershow of the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale, very cheap. Well, things have been kind of crazy here, so I didn't have a chance to see if there were any tickets left - and since it is on Friday, I figured tickets would be long gone. Well, I got the offer again today, and to be certain I sent an email to the company, and they confirmed there are tickets left! Yay! I'll be going first thing in the morning to get mine! :D

The only other thing on schedule for tomorrow is the observation-thing I have to do with my friend from Uni. She called me earlier and we've worked out most of it, I think it could be kinda funny actually! :) We don't have to hand in a written report on this either, so it won't take very long afterwards to write something up to use in an oral report! It sounded like my friend had a pretty chaotic and busy weekend, so we'll probably try to write something down in the process of observing tomorrow, and then we can do the rest by phone or email ... which would, at least in theory (because I've learned not to make to definite plans!!!) mean that I have three whole days to myself!!! Wow!! Take about luxury!!!
I really need to start working on my essay - even if I can't see my tutor for a while, I'll have to go it alone and hope that what I'm doing will work out, because I have to get started on it, or I won't be able to go through with it.
But no matter what, I'm still really glad to get that much amount of time to do what I like with. I need to do other stuff that I've been putting off, on the internet, updating websites, and cleaning, laundry and whatnot, but at least I won't have to stress through it all ... *yay*

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