Tuesday, 28 November 2006

What - When - Why - Where - How?

Well, the title of today's blog pretty much describes where I am - mentally - today!
I have had ... *thinking* ... yes, I actually think it's the worse day this semester actually!! I can't think of a day earlier this fall that has felt worse.
I won't bore you with details - to be frank, I don't think my pshyche would cope with me going into detail on what's happened, so I won't go into that - but I am feeling lower than low tonight. I actually woke up with a good feeling this morning, things felt okay, I felt okay, there were no presentation today .... I got to keep that feeling for about an hour ... then all Hell broke loose! To give you a few examples: getting turned down on the interviews I have to do, essay not working out, completely unprepared presentation in front of the class on something we didn't do (!!!!) ... the list goes on ...
Another anxiety attack in class ... not good!
Oh, and a little observation ... walking around town (waiting for the bus/train etc) with tears trickling down your face - it's not really accepted today ... people tend to not react great to that.

I'm THIS close to giving up the entire semester right now - which would mean that I won't get any money whatsoever next semester, thanks for that!! - and even though I really DON'T want to give up on anything, I honestly can't see how I can make this work ...

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Jexxie said...

Hej igen! Tänkte läsa din blogg innan jag stängde ner. Jobbig dag kan man ju lungnt påstå. Om en sak går fel kan man överleva, men när allt bra går åt helvete så undrar man. Håller förresten med det där om att gå på stan med tårar rullande ner för kinderna...

Just nu kommer jag inte på ngt bra och peppande mer än ett citat fråb Borta med vinden: "After all, tomorrow is another day"


Dakota said...

Sorry to hear about your superbad day :(
I hope you feel better real soon!!


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for your support guys - both of you! :)
I'm really in a down-period right now, but I guess all I can do is hope for it to get better - right?

Jexxie said...

På tal om ngt roligt. Hur vet man hur många som besöker en...var ställer man in en sådan räknare och räknas en person varje gång han besöker???? KRAM

Jessica said...

Jag använder http://www.statcounter.com (tror iaf att det är adressen, du får hojta om det verkar vara fel!) ... där man kan skapa sig besöksräknare ... Där kan man oxå ställa in om man vill att den ska räkna alla "page hits", alltså varje gång nån typ gör en "reload" utav sidan, eller s.k. "unique visitis" ... kolla upp det så får du se!