Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Recovering ...

Well, I'm starting to "recover" from my trip and all my adventures now, which is good since I have a rather complicated situation to deal with at Uni at the moment.
Even though I had a horribly early morning - and the trains were more or less totally screwed up *sigh* - I haven't mananged to wind down a bit too, relax and coming to terms with everything that has happened - something which was crucial if I am to deal with all the stuff going on at Uni!!
Some stuff were 'solved' today, but not a whole lot, so I still have a rather heavy day tomorrow! Fortunately, it's not so terribly early at least!! Today I had to take the bus that leaves 06.28 ... there should be a law at those kinds of mornings, don't you think?!?
Tomorrow, lectures doesn't start until 10.15, thanks for that at least (I need to take the bus at 9, which is a far more decent time than half past seven!!)!!

I'm still having very fond memories of my trip though! I can't help but miss my families though, and I've spoken to my Dad about what my little sister's been up to - I really miss her!! Aparantly her Mom now has to "play Jessica" quite a lot *lol*! It gets kind of intense from time to time, but it's really wonderful that we've have such a strong relationship (I mean me and my little sister - not me and my Dad's partner ... although it's nice to have a good relationship to her as well - oh, my God, how I'm rambling!! *lol* I'm just getting far to tired right now .... *wondering if anybody is understanding anything of this!*) ... I'll just leave this subject now, I think that's the best thing to do, actually! :)

I found this totally cool You Tube link - and boy did it bring back memories from Chess ... *wishing I could go back now!!* Check it out at:
It isn't top quality, but it was wonderful to see, since I was there in person - and it brought back a whole lot of other memories from the show as well ... It's a shame it's nog a regular production - I'd LOVE to see it again!

Well, I'm up for some rather tough times tomorrow, so I'll make sure to turn in early tonight! I'll sign off with a new graphic, enjoy!

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The darkest night said...

Nice to hear you're starting to recover from your trip...

VERY cute graphic! I love it! :)

You tube hates me (or maybe my computer hates you tube?) so I better skip that link..sorry!

Jessica said...

Yup, I'm starting to almost feel human again! Yay me! :)

So sorry that You Tube doesn't get along with your computer, that's rude!
The link shows a clip with Linzi Hately and Carmen Cusak singing "I Know Him So Well" ... wonderful!!
I also found a clip (very poor quality but still!) from 'One Day More' from the final Broadway production!! SO cool!! LOVED getting a glimpse of Michael McCarthy in it! :D :D