Friday, 17 November 2006

No Countdown ...

No, I didn't do the Countdown thing this time ... Guess I'm realizing I can't do that every time I'm facing an oral presentation any more! Yikes, does that mean I'm actually getting used to oral presentations?!???!? No, I don't think so ... not really! I'm still horribly nervous and have high anxiety levels - but I certainly get to work my way through difficult situations this way, that's for sure!

The presentation today was okay, I think! As with the previous two presentation I've done, I cannot in detail recall the presentation itself. I'm so extremely nervous so I don't quite know what happened. At least no disasters occured, and it wasn't at all as bad as the last one. I think I got one more or less specific question from our teacher (he's not very 'specific' at all ...), but I managed to get out of it without it turning into a big deal. To be honest I can't say that I'm either pleased or not pleased with the way it turned out, but the main thing is still that it didn't go really bad!!

Afterwards, me and the girl I'm working with went to work on the next report! We have the oral presentation on Monday (*sigh!*) and we have to do an oral presentation as well! (Did I mention - I really don't like this course?!??!) We had to get our teacher to let us into the computer room, as we had to get some statistical data ... that worked out, and I even managed to figure out more or less how the programme worked *yay me!* Then the problems started ... We needed to print the data to include them in our report. I did it on the computer, and my friend went out to gather the prints from the printer which was just outside ... well, when she left she didn't quite close the door - which set off an alarm!!! (Since there are lots of computers there, there are codes and locks - and aparently also alarms!!) While she was gone, the person responsible for all computer technology came rushing in wondering what I did there ... yikes! Anyway, my friend returned, without any prints ... aparently nothing happnened!! Okay ... When I checked, we could print from three different printers - so I tried again and again - nothing happnened!! We didn't know what to do, we really needed those prints!!
My friend went to ask somebody (preferably the guy who came rushing in earlier) but she didn't find anyone!! It turned into a big deal, but finally this guy came, and told us that the printer in out in the hall was broken! Way to go!! We could use another printer, but then the prints would come out in a different room on the third floor! My friend went to collect them, and when she returned, it tunred out we had used that printer before, so we had like five copies of what we needed ... *ooops!*

At least we managed to write the most part of the report, and we'll finish on Sunday, I've invited my friend to come here, so hopefully we can finish it then, print it and still have some time on Sunday night to look over it before the presentation on Monday!

As you can imagine - it's been quite a day!
And as if this wasn't enough, and 'old problem' raised it ugly head again, quite unexpectedly ... I don't want to go into detail, so I'm sorry if this sounds totally cryptic, but it's very very personal. I had done my best to ... well, not put it behind me, because I think that's virtually impossible, but at least to not let it be a constant part of my life ... and that all crashed to pieces this afternoon.
So, unfortunately, I have yet another issue to deal with now, not counting the various presentations, getting a friend to come over (I know that doesn't sound like such a big deal, but to me it is, especially since this is somebody I don't know that well, and somebody who's never been here before ...), preparing for my essay etc etc.
I have a strong feeling my brain will go on overdrive for quite some time ...

I did some graphics tonight, inspired by my recent Chess-experience! :) I really feel like I'm loosing inspriation for graphics now though, everything I do feels boring and like it looks exactly the same ... *sigh*
Ah well - I hope you'll like them anyway! :)

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Dakota said...

Really nice Chess graphics! :)

Good luck with the presentation!!


Jessica said...

Glad you like the graphics!
And THANKS! Reckon I'll need all the luck I can get! :D

One thing's for sure, for somebody who's not done a lot of presentations, I certainly get a lot of training! In the last half of the previous course we had two, and during this course (about four weeks) we'll have FIVE ... *yikes*!
Good training, I suppose!

The darkest night said...

glad to hear the presentation today went ok!

Oh my does that printer-story bring back a lot of memories! *LOL* Seems it was always chaos when we needed to get something printed at the uni...

Lovely Chess graphics!! :)

Jessica said...

*lol* Yeah, computers and printers and the likes are GREAT ... when they work!!! Otherwise, I'd rather just throw them all in the dumpster!! :)

Glad you enjoyed the graphics! :)