Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

VampireI can't say that I usually tend to care a lot about Halloween, but hey ... it's kinda cool!
Actually, I've always had this 'dream' ... well, nothing really fancy, but some day, it would be really cool to throw this huge Halloween party - with all the possible decorations, and everybody would have to dress up ... to really get in the 'scary mood'! I hardly think that would ever happen, but I guess it could be a funny idea!

My day hasn't been all that great though ... but I guess I have to deal with that too! I started checking through the report we handed in last week, which we will present on Thursday - and I'm not too thrilled about making this presentation! I don't feel I really grap all the theories we've used, and how we've used them, and I hardly think I'll be in a position where I can answer questions about what we've written, and I'm almost certain I will have to do just that! *gulp*
There wasn't much work I could do with it though, and that in itself felt good, since I'm really exhausted at the moment!!

I managed to finish the summary I've been writing on forever late last night, and I emailed it to my teacher at midnight *oops*, so at least that's finished!! Yay!!
Since I wasn't able to do very much about this report - I'll be meeting the others tomorrow, and we'll decide how to do our oral presentation, so I'm guessing I have more preparations to do tomorrow night! - I've had a rather slow day today! That has been great, since I really am very, very tired - but I still felt I could have done something with this day ... nothing major, but something ... and I haven't ... Guess some days are just like that, huh?
Blushy 2

Well, I'd best get something to eat now, and then I'll try to get to bed - I need all the sleep I can get these days!

Take care - and don't get scared if a ghost knocks on your window tonight!!!

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The darkest night said...

Very cool Halloween/LM pic! :)

Jessica said...

You like? I felt I HAD to do something Halloweeny! :)

The darkest night said...

Me likey!! :) :)

Jessica said...

Great! :D