Friday, 13 October 2006

The Accuracy of Horoscopes!

Okay, I know I've already written a blog entry for today, but now I just couldn't help myself!!
I stumbled across a horoscope online, just for fun! I reallydon't believe in them, but sometimes I think it's fun just to read what they say ...
This one said the following :

Growth is a good thing, but you should take a break from pushing yourself right now. Today will not be best spent challenging yourself or starting difficult (if revelatory) conversations. Settle in to a routine right now, and find comfort in doing the same things in familiar patterns. There is something to be said for predictability ... plus, if things never got boring, shaking them up again would not feel nearly as wonderful. Let the dust settle on your newly renovated life.
Okay, I can go with "newly renovated life", because it sort of feels that way! But the fact that I shouldn't have spent the day challenging myself ... yeah right!! Rolling Eyes I probably managed to overcome the biggest challenge I've had in ten years or more - and I did a good job of it!!

I don't have anything against those who believe in this, but for my part ... it's got absolutely nothing to do with reality! The fact is we create our own lives, we make our own choices and even though we are affected by situations, surroundings and probably most of all, other people - this can not be predicted before hand!
In my humble opinion of course ... Yellow Orange

Good night!

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