Sunday, 29 October 2006

Photo Blog!

I am totally exhausted after having studied almost 12 hours today - and still feeling behind! So not good!
Therefore I realize that a "normal" blog entry would not make any kind of sense at all - so I'll spare you the suffering of having to read through my ramblings again.
Instead I thought I'd make a little "photo blog" today, with some photos - both personal and more 'official' - and I hope you'll enjoy that!
Camera 3

Blushy 2
This is me .... on my very first day of school!! I'm seven years old here (when I started school, it was at the age of seven), so this would be dated to August 1985 ... God, that's over 20 years ago now!! Talk about feeling old!! Anyway, I was so totally nervous, and I didn't want to go at all ... but was forced by my parents of course! It didn't even help that I had a brand new backpack that my grandparents (on my mother's side) had sent me!! I think that parents were allowed on the first day - or at least they could stay for a little while - and my Mom went with me ... then I remember coming home and telling my Dad that school actually wasn't all that horrible after all! Yellow Orange (Boy, did I change my mind after a couple of years!! *lol*)

Continuing on the same theme - more or less anyway! This is the latest photo I got of my little sister, it's from mid-september, and she's ready to go off to pre-school!! Is she cute or what?!?!? Clapping I think she looks like she's grown SO much in just about a month - it's amazing!! I know everybody says that as soon as kids start preschool they seem so much more grown up, but I've always wondered about that - well, it's true!! It's such a different from this summer!!

This, of course, is Zorro!! Guess nobody can be mistaken about that, right?! Yellow Orange
I can't say for sure how old he is here, but he's definately a kitten - and a cute one too, right?!? - I'd make a guess and say about 3-4 months old ...
At this time he and his brother lived with my Mom, they managed to completely (well, almost anyway) destroy her apartment! Lucky for her, she didn't have to repair much when she moved out ... I didn't get Zorro until 2000 (June 9, if anybody's interested! *lol*), when he was almost three years old! He's still cute, but there's something very special about kittens, don't you think?

I'm gussing this picture requires some explanations! (First of all though, apologies for the smallness of the picture, but I couldn't get it in a bigger size without completely destroying the quality of it!)
As some of you may know, on October 8, I went to see a concert called "Musical Highlights" starring Cecile and Christer Nerfont! Well, I've seen some of Christers work before, among other things I saw him as Robert in the Swedish musical Kristina Från Duvemåla, and I have to say I was surprised - and very happy - when I found out that there was a photo of Christer in my Kristina-programme!! So here it is! *lol* I just had to blog this photo when I found it! Yellow Orange

This is an early photo of Philip Quast - I think it's my favourite early photo of him that I have!! It's from the Australian Production of Secret Garden from 1995. Philip Quast played Neville Craven, oposite his fellow Les Misérables-friend Anthony Warlow who played Archibald.
Mr. Quast later moved on to playing Archibald in the London production of Secret Garden in 2001, with among others Maria Friedman!

I hope you enjoyed this rather different blog today! Yellow Orange
Take care!

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The darkest night said...

Great photos Jessica!! :) Lovely!!

And yes, your little sister sure is growing up quickly!! How old is she now ? Surely she can't be much more than 2 years old ? Or did I mess up my math as usual? *lol*

Jessica said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos! :)

And no, you haven't completely messed up - *lol* - she turned two in July, so she's soon going to be 2 years and 4 months! :) :)

Dakota said...

awww, the photos of you & your little sis are sooo cute!! :)

Jessica said...

Glad you like 'em! :) :)

The darkest night said... least my math is still good! *lol* But she sure looks a lot older compared the photos you posted last time! Little people really DO grow! :)

Jessica said...

Little people DEFINATELY grow!! :D :D Aparently she's speaking a LOT now, complete sentences even ... *adorable* This summer she only used the most important words in a sentence, and you'd understand her, but now she's using LONG sentences!! :) My Dad told me that when he got home the other day she greeted him with :Pappa, mamma och Moa har bakat. Kom får du se! (Sorry, I just tend to think EVERYTHING she does is adorable ... guess I'm just the proud big sister!! *lol*)

The darkest night said... sweet!! :) you have every right to feel proud of her! :)

Jessica said...

*lol* Thanks! :) ;)
I'm hoping to bring back TONS of nice pictures of her after my trip! :D

The darkest night said...

COOL! :)