Monday, 30 October 2006

'The Sacred Canopy' - Peter L. Berger

I just feel soooo tired right now!
I've been working on this project for Uni like forever now, and I never manage to finish it!! We were supposed to - apart from everything else on this course - choose one book from a long list and read it. There was not really anything said about what we were supposed to do with it, some students I spoke to mentioned they might write a summary and hand it in, just to show that they'd actually read the book, even though it was not a 'real' assignment. I thought that was a good idea, so I decided to do the same ... but either my brain has decided to go on vacation and leave the country, or I'm totally exhausted (take your pick, really!), because it's taking forever to finish!!
The book - 'The Sacred Canopy' by american sociologist Peter L. Berger (hence the title of today's entry *duh!*) - isn't very long and even though he uses a rather complicated language, it's not impossible to understand. The book is even good, he has some really interesting theories, and I recognize a lot from what I've already learned ... but despite all that, I can't seem to get through it!! It took forever to just read it, and now I'm supposed to do a summary of each chapter - and a translation in the process, since it's in English - and I never seem to be able to finish it!
SpinnngI know this is isn't a 'must-do-assignment', but since I've come so far, I really feel like I want to finish it ... but it feels like I'm gonna finish myself off in the process!
ShockApart from this, I still need to prepare a great deal for the oral presentation on Thursday - and I haven't even started that yet!!! I know that it's a group project, and it will probably be easier than my own presentation (also because I've fairly recently done an oral presentation and wasn't killed in the process *lol*), but I still feel like I need to be prepared!! Last time, for instance, I was totally unprepared for certain questions that arouse, which turned out to be pretty embarrasing ... and this time I know there will be questions and discussions afterwards, so I really need to prepare carefully for this!
I had a hope of going to a newly-opened mall, where I've never been before, tomorrow, but I realize there's no way I'll make it ... Guess it's have to wait ...

I needed a coffee break earlier, so I decided to make a background image while trying to pour as much coffee down my throat I possibly could. I hope you like it!

Well, since I've just managed to drink about 1½ mug of coffee, I should be able to stay awake for a while longer, so I'd better get back to 'The Sacred Canopy' now ...
Take care!

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The darkest night said...

Very cool background! :)

Jessica said...

Glad you like it! :D (Just trying to be inspiring enough, so that you'll definately want to see UV next time you come for a visit! *lol*)

The darkest night said...

Yeah...I'm starting to feel inspired... :)

Jessica said...