Saturday, 21 October 2006

Thoughts And Reflections

Please forgive another short entry!
I have not quite recovered from all the things that happened yesterday, and even though I have spent most of today with "thougths and reflections", I still feel somewhat confused!!
What happened yesterday really effected me deeply, and even though on some level I can see that all this emotion is exagerated, or stupid, or foolish, or whatever, the fact is I feel the way I do!

I haven't really managed to fully graps all of the implications of yesterday, and even though I should spend tomorrow 100% studying, I have a feeling I will have to try to deal with this tomorrow as well.

I feel very frustrated about a situation where I feel really awful but know that there's absolutely nothing I can do to make it better! I know that these situations occur, and eventually I will probably be able to live with it, and go on with my normal life, but as of now ... it pretty much feels like a stabbing wound ...

I'm sorry I'm not more positive today, but I have a strong feeling it will take quite a while before I can get over this actually ...

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!

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